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Kyle Leon & John Barban

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Adonis Golden Ratio system by Kyle Leon & John Barban. Discover secrets you can use to slash pounds of fat and build rock-solid lean muscle at the same time. Download book now!

Adonis Golden Ratio system download in PDF format. Feel free to share John Barban’s program with your subscribers on Google Plus One. It has long been noted that men obesity is associated with low testosterone levels and potency problems, not to mention heart disease. Why is it like that? Obesity is dangerous for men because female sex hormones (estrogens) are produced in adipose tissues. In addition, the synthesis of hormone leptin occurs in adipose tissue, which lowers the level of testosterone and leads to a more intense deposition of excess fat. If you don’t take any measures, such factors as the presence of high content of female sex hormones in the male body and lack of a sufficient number of men hormones will rebuild the male body into female one.

What should be done to get rid of excess weight?

  • You need to start with healthy diet and some rules. You have to eat healthy food that contains enough minerals and vitamins.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Don’t eat before sleeping. Try to have your dinner before 8 pm.
  • Eat slowly, avoiding hurry to get satisfied with lower amount of food.
  • In order to increase metabolism speed, you must take care of “fractional” nutrition, i.e. divide ingestion by 4 or more times per day.

Which product do you need to avoid in your diet?

The first step is to eliminate flour products: pasta, white bread, cakes and muffins. Sweets: chocolate, candies and other. The next important product, which you need to avoid, is beer. Influence of beer on men is high and leads to negative consequences.

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Benefits of the Move

One of the many causes of male obesity is a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, men who decided to lose weight have to keep their physical condition and live an active lifestyle. Such aerobic exercise as jogging, swimming, cycling and other are extremely useful. Change physical load slowly, taking care of your heart which is overloaded by your excessive weight. Don’t make workout every day, 3-4 times per week is more than enough.

Adonis Golden Ratio system will help you to remove excessive weight and gain muscles really fats. John created this manual, using his personal experience in his fight with excessive weight. It can be reasonable to use the knowledge of the person, who was in your situation. Agree that it’s more interesting to get advice from someone, who was fat and succeeded, than from some specialists who were fit all their lives. The knowledge of first person is supported by his experience and practice, which means they are effective and will bring you results.

By the way, big belly is a big health problem for any man. Fat in the abdominal are may result in several severe diseases or even cause death. Fat cells have a hormonal effect on our body. Most often excess fat is accumulated in the male abdomen. Fat deposits are increasing every year, muscles are becoming less flexible and body becomes less effective, consuming less calories. What can you do in such situation? The best way to burn fat in the men abdomen is to combine healthy food with proper exercises. You can find such perfect combination in Adonis Golden Ratio program. The task that you are going to complete is not easy and will require patience and a lot of effort. But all members of our team believe in you. You only need to believe in yourself and make first step. We wish you good luck! Thank you!

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