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By | November 21, 2015
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The Type 2 Diabetes Escape Plan by Gary Martin. Discover how to escape type 2 diabetes and its symptoms in as little as 4 weeks. Download guide now!

The Diabetes Escape Plan book download in PDF format. Feel free to share Gary Martin’s guide with your followers on Twitter. World diabetes day which is celebrated on 14th November this year was dedicated to the topic of the proper nutrition. Because there is a direct relation between overweight people and the development of the diabetes type II is scientifically proven. This means that 2/3 of the Americans are in the group of risk. What and how to eat to avoid this disease? I will tell you all about diabetes in this article. By the way, recently The Type 2 Diabetes Escape Plan book was released. With a help of this book, you can significantly improve your condition if you have diabetes.

Every 5 seconds someone in the world getting sick from diabetes and every 7 seconds someone dies from the disease, which has the status of a non-infectious epidemic of the XXI century. The world is home to 382 million people with diabetes (three times higher than in 1990!). And by 2035, the number of patients who will have diabetes in the world will grow to half a billion people — that means, every tenth person on earth will be sick from this diabetes.

Officially in America there are 6,9 million people with diabetes. In the reality, the number is much more than 17,9 million. Diabetes does not hurt, but the disease may hide for many years. Excess weight is the main reason for the disease and its complications. But in our country number of people with excess weight is growing. If we can stop obesity then we can stop the epidemic of diabetes type 2.

It turns out that the diet, which doctors recommend observing people with diabetes, is useful for everybody. Such a diet not only reduces the risk of developing the disease but also helps to maintain normal digestion and a slim figure.

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The first thing which doctors recommend for the prevention of diabetes type 2 and to people diagnosed with diabetes is to lose weight. But this does not mean “sitting on diet” for forever. Every diet involves reducing the total caloric intake in one or another form. For example, it is forbidden to eat certain foods or a combination of the two products. Miracle will not happen, in any case you must eat less in order to lose weight. And the basics of good nutrition need to follow constantly. Even the most modern medicines will not be effective without this treatment.

Start losing weight with limiting the caloric intake at 500-1000 calories. The easiest way to do this is to reduce the usual portion on half. As well as removing or significantly limiting consumption of tasty fast food and sweets rich in fat and carbohydrates. These include fatty meats, butter, vegetable oils, bacon, sausages, meats, fatty dairy products, canned food, seeds, and nuts. All these products doctors recommend put on the “red list” because the red color on traffic lights symbolizes the danger. “Many believe that the butter has more calories than vegetable oil. In fact, 100 g butter has 720 kcal, and 100 g of vegetable oil has 900 kcal and it is the most caloric oil in nature. A lot of nuts should not be considered as a food, one bag has half of the daily energy needs, “- says doctors. Also, doctors put on “red list” carry and sweets, including honey, which, is turned out that increases the level of glucose much faster than castor sugar.

Next food list is consisting from products which must be consummate in normal amounts, i.e. half of usual portion. This includes proteins and carbohydrates: not fat sort of meat and fish, diet dairy products, cereals, pasta, eggs, bread. Take care of yourself!

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