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By | January 31, 2017

Brad Pilon - V-Taper Solution System book authorIn recent years, men started to pay more and more attention to their appearance. Now the beautiful figure is a sign of success and health. It is not surprising that the fitness industry is booming. But what is the ideal male figure, and how to build it as soon as possible? Signs are very simple: a thin waist, broad back, strong arms and shoulders. It is these elements that are evident in the first place and make the male silhouette recognizable. To achieve such a figure, you can use the system “V-Taper Solution” by Brad Pilon. Such procedure is very effective. Positive changes in the men’s figure will be seen within a few weeks. Our muscles (both men and women) are formed with the participation of the hormone testosterone. Most of all it is produced at maximum load. The largest number of hormone acts in the performance of such exercises as squats. By crouching we employ the largest number of muscles. But then the muscle will be gained only in the legs. Therefore, it is the best to start training with squats, to provide the body with testosterone, then move on to the rest of the muscle groups that you want to pump. Even intensively trainee’s body of a a professional athlete does not require more than 2-3 grams of protein per day per kilogram of bodyweight. Therefore, the use of different protein shakes  during exercise to build muscles fast, will lead to the opposite result. Since the body can absorb only a limited amount of protein, the excess will be delayed … in the stomach. For people practicing two or three times a week necessary amount of protein it can be obtained by eating 125 g of yoghurt, 1.5 cups of wheat flakes and drinking cup of skim milk for breakfast. For lunch, it’s enough to have 100 g of bird breast (chicken, turkey), and low-fat cheese slice. I wish you successful training, dear man!

The V-Taper Solution System by Brad Pilon

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