37 No BS Ways To Attractively Not Give a F**k

Why do girls love the so-called “bad guys”? It’s pretty hard to say when this trend appeared, but now it’s a very popular thing: good girls are falling in love with bad guys. I don’t care about this like any other girl, but I am sure that many good guys are really tired with this situation. That’s why I wrote this article where I am going to explain the most popular reasons for girls to choose bad boys.

Reason #1

When girls are having routine and boring lifestyle, they are trying to find guys, which can totally change that situation. Who can do it better than others? Of course, it’s a bad guy. His life is full of various adventures, problems, and interesting stuff. When a girl is meeting him, she feels like a heroine of an American movie, where such a bad boy transforms into a good one due to his beautiful geek girlfriend, while she is learning how to be more relaxed and uninhibited.

But if you are a guy from the “Good team” and you want to change this trend, try to be more unpredictable. Make unexpected surprises for your lady, create spontaneous picnics and be unstoppable during sex. In other words, try to do everything to avoid your girlfriend saying: “Oh, no. That’s not about my Jack! He simply can’t do that!” and make everything to make her saying: “My Jack is so unpredictable and I don’t know what to wait from him tomorrow. I am so excited about that”.

Reason #2

Recently I watched “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” movie once again. This movie is also about the question “Why girls are choosing bad boys?”. In order to answer to his student, a teacher said that every girl chooses one person, whom she thinks she really deserves. After watching the movie I was thinking about that opinion and I decided that the teacher was right. Many girls are thinking that they simply don’t deserve the best guys, thus they are taking bad ones, thinking that such “full of dirt” guy will fall in love with the same type of girls.

In such situation, you have to show her that she deserves better things. Help her to reach her life goals and show her potential. By doing so you will grow her self evaluation level and you will get a chance to be loved. By the way, I really recommend you downloading the book “37 No BS Ways To Attractively Not Give a F**k“. In my opinion, Max Hamm’s book is one of the best manuals for guys, who want to conquer girls’ hearts. Learn it and start to practice in real life. You will be very surprised with the result!

Reason #3

Bad guys newer owe anything to other people. They are not limiting themselves with relationships or the same stuff. Their interests are usually significantly limited. They usually have only one goal, which they want to reach in all circumstances. You don’t have to remind them or ask them doing something because they will do that on their own. That’s why girls love them so much.

If you want to gain several points in such a situation, start to grow man traits. Be responsible and make people respect you and your opinion. Set goals and reach them. After growing such traits you will smell like a “real man” and girls will “come in droves” to you.

I want to give advice for the good guys: don’t think too much about relationships. I have several friends, who have brilliant minds and perfect characters. But they are so concentrated on building a relationship that they are simply destroying any chances to build one. Don’t be like them.

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