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By | May 18, 2016
Brent Smith

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On May 18, 2016
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Probably, everyone met her, a girl who was so beautiful that you were scared even to approach her. And what if someone still wants to do it? And will you be that someone? The truth is that the prettier is the girl, the more likely that all the guys around are simply afraid to talk to her. So, I offer tips, thanks to which you can be ahead of everyone, and understand what about and how to speak with a very attractive girl.

Understand when she is ready to communicate

It is important to develop the ability to understand when a girl is ready to communicate with you, and when she is not. Does she turn away when she looks at you? Does she look down her nose at you? Your success will increase substantially when you understand better the meaning of one or another girl’s eyes.

Understand what will be her reaction

One of the reasons we don’t start a conversation with a girl (do not even try to start, in fact), is that we don’t know what to expect from her. Most of us didn’t do it, and sometimes saw how one of the other guys did. So, what can happen with a guy who decided to speak with a beautiful girl quietly and without nerves? In most situations this guy can get a chance to talk at least, and very rarely a woman says something rude. And after all, if this has happened, you will realize that a problem is in the person of her, but not you. By the way, in a new book “Attract Hotter Women” unique system of a beautiful girls pick up is presented. Go for it, boys 🙂 And the Beauty from the opposite house will be yours!

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Curb your fear

Most of the guys come to the tremor in the knees when they have to get acquainted with a certain attractive girl. If you want to “reprogram” your behavior, go to a crowded place and try to put yourself in a situation where you can get acquainted with girls. If you go and talk to 10, 20 or even 50 women in one day, you will achieve significant progress. Bring a friend and decide together how many girls each of you can meet tonight. Award each other with 5 virtual points for every successful acquaintance, and then at the end of the evening you will be able to identify the winner. And then you will understand that it is easier than you thought before.

Avoid thinking about negative backlash

What do the guys do, when they see a beautiful girl? They cannot think up what original or charming say. There is no need to dwell and hesitate. If you see a beautiful girl, come and start talking. Say something banal for acquaintance. There is no need to think much, turn off your imagination.

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