The Carnivore’s Bible

By Donna Jean | March 15, 2019

The Carnivore’s Bible is a comprehensive guide authored by James Cole that shall introduce you to a plethora of methods to treat and preserve different kinds of meat. The focus is on meat but the book also discusses preservation techniques for fruits and vegetables. The book discusses at length how to preserve various foods not just for a few weeks but for months and in some cases years.

James Cole’s book delves into drying, dehydrating, smoking and curing meat. You will be able to make pickles and other edibles out of meat that can last almost indefinitely. There traditional methods of preserving eggs, cheese and milk that will enable you to stock up for as long as a year. You can explore ways to grow, dry and store mushrooms regardless of where you live. The book also has more than fifty recipes, all of which have been tried, tasted and perfected by James Cole.

The invention of preservatives, emulsifiers and additives has been among the most consequential gifts of science in the twentieth century. However, those very ingredients have led us to a path of self destruction, helpless dependence and financial quagmire. It is time to rediscover lost arts and sciences of food preservation.

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