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The High Protein Handbook

Up the date, in the diet of the US population, you can note the presence of a consumption deficit of proteins that are essential for every living organism. So be sure to download the wonderful book “High Protein Handbook” and include into your diet 30 products with high protein content already today. The trouble is that many people… Read More »

Anabolic Cooking

Do you want to find out what the “right diet for sportsmen” is? Do you dream about gaining pure muscle weight, and not just fat? Then head to the store with the following list of ingredients. However, before making the journey, don’t forget to download the book “Anabolic Cooking Cookbook”. In it you will find 200 more recipes… Read More »

Paleo Grubs

Nowadays the Paleo diet is considered to be one of the most popular weight losing model of the vast majority of Hollywood actors as well as a favorite choice of all those athletes, who want to gain muscles. In this article I will describe main principles and ideas of this diet, which allows to lose weight and eat… Read More »

Metabolic Cooking

Desiring to perfect  the body forms, many people exclude from their diet certain high calorie products. The menu includes only low calorie products. How many calories in the foods and dishes also depend on the type of method that used for cooking and very often people forget about it. Culinary processing can both preserve the beneficial properties of… Read More »

Guilt Free Desserts

How pleasant is it to get comfortable and watching a movie with a cup of tea and delicious cookies. The thing is that for one film session, unfortunately, you can put a few hundred grams of excess weight. You can avoid this easily by using dietary cookie recipes. By the way, in the Guilt-Free Desserts book, you will… Read More »

PaleoHacks Cookbook

Paleo diet calling us to get back to old time, when ancient people do not know what is a microwave and did not eat semi-manufactured food. What is bread, sugar and other „delights“ modern time ancient people did not know! Some modern nutritionists are calling the Paleo diet the most natural power supply system for a person no… Read More »