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EZ Battery Reconditioning

We can miss some great moments in a forest or at the seaside, be late or even stumble in the darkness, because of a drained battery of our camera, watch or flashlight. It’s almost impossible to predict the moment when the battery charge will be over, unless you have Duracell batteries with indicators. But don’t despair! Thanks to… Read More »

DIY Home Energy

Unnecessary energy loss can increase your monthly energy bill by as much as 30%. We will discuss some of those losses, as well as a few ways to reduce that loss. Some of the culprits responsible include drafty doors or openings to the exterior elements. Exterior doors come equipped with a door seal which is designed to reduce… Read More »

Build A Container Home

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase Container Home? Many people immediately present themselves with the idea of a small-sized housing, cabins, or a very simple and inexpensive bungalow. We will not argue about the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive option for a home, but with will try to persuade you with other arguments.… Read More »