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The Gout Eraser by Robert Miller

Gout is no laughing matter. It is a serious condition that impacts millions of people from every imaginable walk of life. It is characterized by a number of symptoms. However, gout symptoms ultimately come down to pain/discomfort in the joint areas of your extremities. This can include both the arms and legs. This pain can vary from one… Read More »

The Neuro-Slimmer System by Sandra Aamodt

Struggling to lose that excess weight? The Neuro-Slimmer System is thirty times more effective than eating less, moving more and counting your calories.  And, it’s all to do with your brain. Neurology and your weight Dr Sandra Aamodt of Yale University explained that your brain has a set weight ‘range’ that it will force you to stay at… Read More »

Regenerate by Forest Vance

Father Time is so far undefeated – but that doesn’t mean that you have to just roll over and accept the beating that he inevitably puts on all of our bodies. If you are fed up with feeling like you are being slowed down by nagging injuries, worn out from hard training and years of athletic endeavors, and… Read More »

Off The Floor by David Dellanave

Imagine being able to improve your deadlift game by hundreds of pounds. Imagine developing a powerful deadlift ability at all. Off The Floor was developed by a young man who discovered a very simple secret to deadlifting. By cracking open this secret, he was able to create a comprehensive new approach to becoming a deadlift master. In order… Read More »

The Fat Decimator

A little fat on the stomach, in fact, is not so bad. But only a little, because it protects your stomach, intestines and other organs from mechanical damage. This fat can also be used on days when you do not eat anything. But, when you have a lot of this fat – it is not a healthy situation… Read More »