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Pregnancy Without Pounds

Pregnant woman gains on average gaining 10-12 kg during the whole period of pregnancy. This weight gain is considered to be normal, and after birth the young mother often easily get back to their “prenatal” forms. But what about those whose weight exceeded the extreme mark of 12 kg, and continue growing rapidly? Firstly, do not panic, because… Read More »

Plan My Baby

There are a number of “folk sayings” and rituals, that supposedly guarantee conceiving a child of a certain sex. Most experts believe that these methods are absolutely useless, and any positive results – just accidents, psychologically caused or intuitively predicted by the future parents. Stubborn statistics do not give the green light to any of the “folk” methods… Read More »

Pregnancy Miracle

Before you start careful reading of the Pregnancy Miracle ebook, I would like to give you several advices which will help you to get pregnant as soon as possible. Medical examination First, you need to make a medical examination. If the examination will show some health problems, young mother has to be under the constant control of her… Read More »

Start Potty Training

The ability to be independent, without the help of parents, is an important attribute of “maturity”. The desire to see your child proudly sitting on the potty, and just as proudly pulls up their underpants which are absolutely dry, is just unbearable. From this point on, the road to potty training your child has started. However, going on… Read More »