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15 Minute Manifestation

Each of us at least once in life looked in the book to attract good luck and prosperity, by trying to follow the advice presented in them. On the Internet and in stores you can find lots of such literature. All the above techniques are very similar to each other, but recently published the “15 Minute Manifestation” program… Read More »

The Power Quadrant System

Predicting by the date of birth is a field of knowledge, which originated in ancient times. Many probably know the judgment of the ancient Greek scholar philosopher Pythagoras: “All things can be written in the form of numbers.” Astrologers say that each number corresponds to a certain planet. Even the sequence of letters in the name, not to… Read More »

Cosmic Energy Profile

Millions of people wish to know what awaits them in the future! You’d be surprised, but in fact your mind not only remembers everything that ever happened to you, but is well aware of what ever happened to you. Don’t believe me? But it’s true. Just some people can not hear the voice of their mind, believing that… Read More »

The Goldfish Method

How to deal with stress or laziness? Up to date, there’re enough methods proposed. Those are all kinds of motivational trainings, self-motivations and self-promotions. You can, of course, cope with laziness once, twice, but it is likely that you’ll get eventually bored from regular pushing and encouraging. By the way, in a new book “The Goldfish Method” by… Read More »

Miracle Mastery

Many teachers of learning supernatural abilities claim that only certain secret methods can help you master telekinesis. And only the persons who have a supernatural gift can do it. And psychic centers even conduct expensive trainings for wanting persons. But in reality almost any person can master telekinesis quickly and independently! For this you need to download the… Read More »

Numerology Report

For every person, from the moment of his birth, nature puts a certain purpose, a kind of the strategic direction in which this person should move. The way to this goal during the life, the events and situations encountered along the way, in the majority depend on the person, his behavior. This model is being laid at the… Read More »

Secret of Deliberate Creation

Because of stiff competition, world is running after success. And my country is not the exception. Here everyday in newspaper there is news about students committing suicide. Because he got 96% marks and not 98% marks for which he was preparing. Does getting 98% or 100 % marks is success? Only a man who got the merit will… Read More »