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The Bounce Guide

If you love basketball, the notion of a 44-inch vertical jump is bound to appeal to you in a very big way. However, some people would tell you that such an achievement is impossible, unless you’re the next Kobe Bryant, or have the benefit of a hugely expensive instructor in your corner. The Bounce Guide is designed to… Read More »

The Ultimate Bowling Guide

My friends often ask me how I learned to play bowling so well. And I always reply that the book “Ultimate Bowling Guide” helped me in this. Currently, bowling is not just a sport game, it’s a very fashionable and popular activity. In bowling club go to play, communicate with friends, relax from everyday worries, get acquainted with… Read More »

Running Technique Programme V2.0

There are a couple of common running technique mistakes that lead to knee injuries and significantly reduce the effectiveness of running. They are especially common in women. By the way, by downloading “Running Technique Programme v2.0” course by Kinetic Revolution you will discover really correct technique from professionals. You won’t find this information anywhere except in this course. If… Read More »

Surf Training Success

Every day thousands of tourists come to Bali not only to enjoy the beauty of the island, take a dip in the ocean and relax, but also to try surfing. It’s no wonder Bali, in particular, the resort of Kuta, is recognized as the best place in the world for learning this sport. Here year-round temperature is about… Read More »

Body for Golf

Ask yourself a few questions. The first – for what do you want to learn how to play golf? Will it be your job, or you need a golf course exclusively for recreational purposes? In the latter case, you can get the basic skills and continue to rely on the patience of your friends. If you’re ready to… Read More »

Stress-Free Golf Swing

Lucky for those of us who love the game of golf, Dustin Johnson won the U.S. OPEN. The USGA and its foibles have been the subject of many a golf discussion, not only in the media, but on the tee box of the first hole on innumerable golf courses around the world. I remember my dad joining the… Read More »

The Flight System

Fostering of abilities and skills, which are called physical, are the basis of any athlete training . People aiming to learn the high jump and achieve results, initially need to learn the truth: this can only be done through the development of  skills. The repetition of exercises with an emphasis on skills leads to the fact that their… Read More »