Creative Ways to Organize Books

Being a book lover or a bookworm is a great person to be. But sometimes we do find ourselves difficult to find a book or to organize the huge number of books we own. Well, to sort out this problem, it is necessary for us to organize our books in a very sensible way.

Effective ways of organizing your books

Start with categorizing your books. In this way, it will be easier for you to track down a specific book you need. Put your books under categories that make more sense to you. Assign different shelves for different categories.
Once you are done categorizing, now is the time you arrange your books in a sensible manner. Follow the below easy to known steps to keep your collection of books well organized.

Arrange the books alphabetically by the name of the author or the title of the book. In this way, you can track down your required book at any time by directly jumping onto the starting initial, followed by some quick lookovers.

Arrange according to the size of the books. As we say “height order,” the same goes in this case. You can arrange your books according to their height. This is a method, which is pleasing to the eye and looks a lot more decent and well organized.

Arrange according to the color of the books. This may be a particular way of arranging, but it looks pleasing to the eye. For the ones, who can remember books by their cover, it is a very useful method to track down the book.

Arrange according to the topics. Distinguish your books by the topics and place them together so that it becomes easier to track your required book by straight jumping onto the similar topic section the same as that of the required book.

Mark each genre with its corresponding tag. This really makes you track down your book even easier. Make a small tag with the genre name on it and either stick it on the corresponding shelf or use some creative idea to mark that portion of the shelf for a particular genre. You can just look onto the tags and find out the genre of the book you are looking for.

You can also organize your books on a desktop. Make your study table more efficient in this way. Spot a particular area on your desk for your books. Don’t take up too much of space as you need to keep more things like a laptop. Keep only the books you read on a regular basis. This helps you in being efficient not hunting your bookshelf on a daily basis.

Last but not least; arrange them in a way you read it. This is a method that can be applied along with all other methods mentioned above. Keep the book you are currently reading first, followed by the books you will be reading henceforth in order.

These are some of the well-known and quite simple ways of organizing your collection of books. You can select a method you like the most and go about with it. Organizing your books also reflect on how you decent and well-polished you are with your belongings.


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