Designing Good Ebook Covers

By | November 10, 2018

ebook cover designIn recent times, eBooks have gained its popularity in a huge increased amount in this rapidly developing world. With popularity comes change. No one likes that same old appearance of a particular thing over the years. This is the reason why a change in the appearance of eBooks should also be brought forward hence resulting in good designing of eBook covers. Designing good, eye-catching and unique covers for eBooks can also serve as a great marketing strategy to cater a large number of people.

How to design good eBook covers?

It needs a lot of imagination and unique ideas to design a perfect cover for a particular eBook. While designing, one should always remember that different minds look for different visuals. One should design a cover in such a way that it caters to a maximum number of people. That is the reason why a mind or a group of minds with bright and unique ideas and imaginations are often required to design a perfect eBook cover.

Here are a number of ideas you may keep in mind while designing a cover for your eBook.

  • Keep your cover decent and valuable: Keeping your cover decent, valuable and yet attractive, it serves as a source of interest and motivation to a huge number of crowds, making them goes through your eBook to know the inside story.
  • Choose the best software: Adding effects to make your cover more attractive is a very important aspect of reaching the world. Using the basic software like Paint for Microsoft Operating System or Paintbrush for Mac Operating System is not going to serve your need. For those special effects, you need a software professional in this field. Surfing the internet will provide you with a number of software but choose the one which serves your need the best. You can obviously opt for the most known Adobe Photoshop, but not everyone is a professional at using it. Other software can also serve your need.
  • Wisely emphasize on the subject matter of your eBook: The cover you are designing should always reflect the inside story of your eBook. Designing a cover for your eBook which has no relevance on the subject matter is no different from you receiving a product other than what you ordered. The cover for your eBook should strictly serve as a picturization of the subject matter lying under the hood.
  • Bring about some special effects: In today’s world, you will find a lot of eBooks having special effects such as 3D effects. It is obviously not a mandatory need, but it definitely helps in catering a huge number of people with some special 3D effects. But be wise; don’t by any chance compromise on the theme of your eBook for adding some special 3D effects. You may end up with reverse results rather than positive.
  • Mention the title: If the main ingredient is missing, the entire recipe becomes tasteless. You may design the perfect but yet not perfect cover for your eBook if you miss out on the title. The title is the main aspect of drawing one’s attention. Be sure to put your title of the eBook on the cover.
  • Import ideas from your friends: Your friends might play a big role by giving their valuable ideas which can make your cover more attractive. Also, they can point out mistakes (if any), thus helping you to make your eBook cover a perfect one.

How to design good eBook covers



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