Diabetes Destroyer

Download David Andrews’ book Diabetes Destroyer and discover a unique method of treating diabetes at home. Diabetes causes severe complications. The syndrome of diabetes is that it is often accompanied by complications. Damage to the retina leads to blindness, damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys – to renal failure.

In addition, on the background of vascular and nervous lesions in diabetes mellitus, death and suppuration of the soft tissues of the feet and toes may begin.

With type 1 diabetes, you cannot diet and limit sweets. You can eat a whole cake, but you get nothing but sugar or sugar. You must have the same “fast” access so that you can quickly increase your blood sugar levels.

Mankind has demanded only the last 40 years of its entire life, and our body was simply not ready for such a number of calories. The number of patients with diabetes will decrease as a result of natural selection.

Proteins and sugar also increase blood sugar levels. Smart people even make perfect diabetes compensation. The calculation of the insulin dose for each meal is based on the results. Oh how.

Low sugar is much more dangerous than high. If you want more insulin than you need, or you eat less positive, you will get low sugar. This condition happens in healthy people: athletes, alcoholics, starving. In this state, your brain loses its vital glucose and slowly dies. Frequent situations when a person has low blood sugar. Download your PDF now!

Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews

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