How Ebook Can Benefit You

E-books are the books that are published in the digital form that consists of text or images or even both and can be read from many electronic devices. So in a competition of choosing e-book or traditional printed books you need to know the pros as well as cons of e-publishing to know which one will be best suited for you.

Everything that you need to know about e-publishing

If someone publishes an e-book, then the responsibility of doing the marketing as well as promoting the books becomes the responsibility of the author, so it is quite a challenge. So in order to promote them, they have to use a network of the authors, Meta tags or keywords which are used to get a high ranking in search engines. Earlier people with the computer were starting the business of e-publishing but later on due to lack of quality work they are flushed out.

Points to keep in mind while considering e-publishing

  • The e-publishers won’t pay in advance, but they will pay the royalties on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • The e-publishers can also publish the print, and it can be expensive, and many e-publishers do not provide with the returns, so most of the bookstores become reluctant in storing their book. But with the advancing time, chances are there that e-publishing would get a place and can easily compete with the other books.
  • The royalties for e-publishing is much higher than that if print royalties. It is 35% for eBooks and 7% for print books.
  • The major benefit of e-publishing is that it will stay for an indefinite range of time and the publishers will keep the book in stock until the time your books are in demand in the market.

It requires a lot of editing to get your eBook published. As they are trying to secure a position in the industry, they only allow those e-books that have high standards and the authors of this book will have to expect huge editing. Nowadays it is quite difficult to get an opportunity for e-publishing if the author is not having any publishing track record.

What is good for you?

There are some authors who apart from publishing in the print house they still prefer to collaborate with the e-publishers. In the case of e-publishing, the author won’t need an agent and won’t have to wait for months to know the response of the publishers. The author can get the record of published authors the moment the book is printed.

If you have a keen on writing, then e-books can be a great platform to start with. You have to be very much flexible and prolific and have to be persistent in your job. If someone builds up their own library and keep the e-published books with the help of good e-publishers than they can do easy marketing and get the recognition and make some money out of it.

If you want to use an advanced method of publishing and get good control of your books, you can opt for this as it will stay for a long time without the help of an agent. But if you’re not going to print more than 2 books then e-publishing is not a good idea for you.

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