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Feast Your Way FitPDF book download, by Peter Tzemis. Abdominal fat is dangerous for your health. Different studies show that it is a strong risk factor for heart failure, high blood pressure, cancer, and dementia. And in addition according to a study of the National Institute of Science of America, women whose waist exceeds 87.5 cm, are twice likely to die from heart disease than women whose waist does not exceed 70 cm.

The experts also say that the waist wider than 80 cm increases susceptibility to diabetes. Abdominal fat, or in other words, visceral fat is so dangerous because it lies deep in the abdomen and surrounds your organs and release toxic hormones. There are two main enemies – proteins cytokines and adipokines that contribute to the thickening of the walls of the heart blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attacks.

The liver — is the body’s largest gland and helps your body flush out toxins also suffers from fat deposits on your belly. When there is extra weight, cleansing the body of harmful substances become slower. Moreover, fat has a bad influence on your muscles, making them less effective.

Healthy muscles spend most of the sugar derived by our body, while in a flabby muscles metabolism occurs less quickly, which increases the risk of diabetes. If all of these arguments are not enough to get you started doing push-ups, there is new evidence that women with “belly” are more likely to have cancer, like breast cancer, colon, and uterus, although scientists have not yet determined why.

Feast Your Way Fit by Peter Tzemis

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