Hooked System

By Donna Jean | March 6, 2019

HOOKED system is a training program for men to attract women and to seduce them regardless of appearance, financial or social status and age. The video training program is a master class aimed at empowering average men to impress women they find attractive without succumbing to nervousness, anxiety or uncertainty. Get Her Hooked introduces men to various phrases, specific types of body language and approaches that will entice a woman. Contrary to what women think of themselves and how men perceive them, it is indeed possible to influence the mind and the body of a woman in simple ways that do not require a fortune or washboard abs.

The program has been developed by Tripp Kramer, a dating coach of international repute, who has helped thousands of men to attain a degree of confidence that makes them attractive for the women they have always wanted to be with. Tripp Kramer does not take the hackneyed approach of one-liners, routines and gimmicks. This is a genuine transformational training program for men to take advantage of a hormonal reaction that women experience due to a chemical called DET. Use the pleasurable effects of the hormone to attract women and to satiate them so it is them who will long for you.

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