Calling Men

For some reason an old flame came to my mind. By old I mean the last guy I was REALLY interested in. It didn’t last very long so maybe that’s why it still bothers me. For a good month he and I were caught up in each other. We clicked immediately which made things even more amazing. He… Read More »

Ultimate IRS Survival Guide

Taxes have a huge importance in the lives of Americans. Tax evasion is punished severely. Tax crimes, high-profile trials, convicted celebrities – are constantly talked about. The famous saying “Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed.”  – was born exactly in the USA. I do not know 100% of all the subtleties of… Read More »

How To Bug In Forever

I am amazed at all the disasters unfolding around our country and the world. Every time I turn around a town is being evacuated due to flooding or because of some train car that has derailed and is spewing toxic gases. From snowstorms that paralyze entire states to earthquakes that destroy people’s homes…forest fires that consume thousands of… Read More »

The M3 System

Life is an unpredictable thing. You met a guy, an incredible and eternal love came, and then you broke up. But the time passed, and you suddenly realized that you do not imagine your life without that person. And it doesn’t matter, if it was a mutual decision to separate, or it was initiated by one of you… Read More »

The Bodyweight Bundle

Some people live just for what the mouth can chew irrespective of what they eat and how much they eat it. They turn to food as solace during distress and an object of celebration during comfort. Because of the no-time syndrome, many have resorted to food joints that serve foods ladened with saturated fat, salt, and sugar. For… Read More »

The Anti-Diet Solution

For the beginning, let’s mention that it is impossible to eat the whole cake with a fat cream, and then seize it with some miracle product – and after all that just pretend that there was no gastronomic frenzy. There are no products as such. Nothing can replace a sensible approach to the consumed food and mobile lifestyle.… Read More »

The H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System

Okay, guys, let’s see what people are saying about Scott Malin’s guide in this post. Stephanie Short, Pittsburgh, PA says: “Thank you so much for your wonderful book! I sprained my ankle on Monday, I was running up the steps to get my son, tripped and fell My foot wet top side down at an angle and my… Read More »