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The necessity to eat more than it is necessary for life is often connected with the stress, mental or intellectual pressure, which we experience during the day. Women love sweets. First of all, because sugar relaxing better than any other food. Sweet helps to deal with all sorts of emotions and stress, which, because of increased emotionality, having a lot in the life of any woman.

On the other hand, sweets – is easily digestible carbohydrates, which have to be removed from the abdomen and flanks. Men prefer to relax after stress with alcoholic drinks. Beer, vodka contains a lot of calories and these drinks causing the need for the snack.

And because alcohol stimulates the appetite, it turns out that we eat more. In addition, alcohol dulls the senses, including taste. And if the stress is “removed” outside of the house, where with the proper level of life, some manage to eat enough quality food; relaxation is complicated by the absorption of a large number of conditionally edible stuff from the nearest store, which accounts for a bite to eat.

The need to get rid of belly fat at home is caused not just by overeating or poor quality products. But the release of the hormone cortisol, involved in the development of stress reactions and at the same time it preserves the body’s energy reserves  – means it preventing the burning of fatty tissue.

So, in other words, if the tension at work or at home is necessary to experience the fullness of life, it will not bring positive emotions and pleasant experiences and because of the action of cortisol, and bad quality food, belly and flanks will not be removed.

Everyone will find a wealth of information about food that eats any modern citizen in Russia. Many imported products are banned for selling in “highly developed” countries because of the product’s inconsistency with environmental requirements and high content of substances that destroying the genetic and immune system of the body.

In the production of imported meat to animals often injected hormonal medications for the rapid gaining of weight, as well as antibiotics, against different diseases. Once hormones come in the human body, they continue to operate, forcing to eat more and have strenuously to gain weight. And person sooner or later has to get rid of fat from the belly and sides. Antibiotics destroy the immune system. From abroad are imported so-called transgenic organisms, in which artificially introduced genes of plants and animals.

Scientists breed frost-resistant tomatoes, containing the gene of an ocean flatfish. By genetic changes, scientists breed potatoes, capable of destroying the Colorado potato beetle. To increase productivity also changed the gene code of linen, cotton, zucchini, rice, corn. By some estimates, about half of foreign food products obtained by modification of the genes.

If you want to get rid of fat from the belly and sides you should not overeat. We all know that we should stop eating and go out from the table “lightly hungry” even if the brain and eyes want to eat more. If you regularly ignore this rule, excess food not only goes into the fat but also stretches the stomach wall.

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