The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The Secret of Deliberate CreationPDF book download, by Dr. Robert Anthony. Because of stiff competition, the world is running after success. And my country is not an exception. Here every day in the newspaper there is news about students committing suicide.

Because he got 96% marks and not 98% marks for which he was preparing. Does getting 98% or 100 % marks is a success? Only a man who got the merit will be successful? My answer will be a huge “NO”. And another question: Does getting failure in the exam or in your life means “End”? Still, my answer will be “NO”. Life is full of opportunities.

Life gives us so many opportunities and getting success or failure is just one of the opportunities that we just used or missed. There are a lot of opportunities left in our lives. We should not ruin this beautiful life just because of one opportunity that we missed.

Let’s take the example of cricket. Does Having missed the first ball mean that its end and you can’t do anything? probably “NO”. It’s just one opportunity that he missed. He can make 4 or 6 but he just missed that opportunity. But that does not mean that he can’t do anything.

There are still many balls(opportunities) left. Let’s think that he missed again 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th balls(opportunities). Then should he stop playing? “No”. and now think that at last ball he makes “6” and thus he came at the state of Equilibrium.

Therefore we should not stop working on whether we are getting success or failure. Because life is full of opportunity. And getting success today does not mean that it will remain forever, and getting failure today does not mean that its end. So we should work continuously and take advantage of the opportunities that life gives to us.

At last “success and failure are part of life. without failure, you will not enjoy success. So live this beautiful life no matter what’s happening, and I am 100% sure you will never be depressed and upset”. With love, Donna Jean…

The Secret of Deliberate Creation by Robert Anthony

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