Securing Copyright for Your Book

Creating something original, like a book and ensuring that your book is yours is an important aspect of your creation. Be it published or unpublished; always try to protect what is yours by securing copyright. Copyright your book through the law to prove your work on your own but also keep in mind, registration through official means is necessary if you have to take certain measures against anyone trying to steal or make your own book as his or her.

How to copyright your own book? Securing copyright for your book may be simple or complicated, depending on how you go about it. Follow the following ways, and you can secure a copyright for your book.

Copyright your book under Common Law

  • Know your national law: This simply means to know the law of your location. If your country is affiliated with the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, then your book is already protected when you create it in a format that is perceptible either directly or with the help of a machine. Simply, you own copyright at the time of your creation of the book as long as it is of the above format. You can go through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to know your national law.
  • Assign a date for copyright: Make sure you publish your book with your full name and date of publication to gain copyright under Common Law to prove yourself as the original author. For a citizen of the U.S, it is mandatory to register with the U.S Copyright Office.
  • Make use of the symbol: You may own a copyright as soon as you create your book in the mentioned format but do not forget to use the copyright symbol ©. Also, consider adding a reference to the legislation which will support your copyright claim (like ©2019[your name]) to ensure that your work cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any format without your permission.

Be officially registered

  • Know your national copyright legislation: In countries like the U.S where an officially registered copyright is mandatory, it can be easily done by a very simple online process.
  • Register with the United States copyright office: US copyright office being responsible for the administrative aspects of copyrights law, register your book online by logging into the Electronic Copyright Office (ECO).
  • Register with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office: Registration with the Canadian Intellectual Office is a must.
  • Know the British Copyright Law: Find out the British copyright law under The Copyright Act 1956, The Copyright Designs and Patents Acts 1988, Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003, relevant case law interpretations and the Intellectual Property Office. Though copyrighting books is still considered as an automatic right but remember to send a copy to the British Library in between a period of 30 days from the time of publication.
  • Know the Australian Copyright Law: Find out the Australian copyright law under The Copyright Act 1968 and also the different court decisions on copyright in the past years. Similar to the UK, copyrighting books is an automatic right, also sending a copy to the Australian Library as soon as publication is important.
  • Consult the copyright council in New Zealand: Find out the New Zealand copyright law under The Copyright Act 1994 and the Copyright Council of New Zealand. Though neither registration nor formality is necessary for securing copyright, send a copy of your book to the New Zealand Library for legal deposit.

Copyright a Book