Stroke by Stroke

Stroke by StrokePDF book download, by Michael Webb. It happened last week. I was lying on the couch just relaxing after an afternoon of barbecue, beer, and baseball. My eyes were closed, but I wasn’t asleep nor was I drunk…but there were a few empties I’d brought inside with me mimicking my position on the floor.

Of course, I heard the door. Of course, I heard the footsteps. Of course, I opened my eyes just a little and had to wrangle back a smile when I saw her there. My daughter – my blossomed little girl who was now in her late teens and was,  as we used to say, boy crazy. Just like her mother at her age…what else could I expect?

She was standing near the couch, texting, from the electronic clicks I heard. Then a giggle. Then the digital snap of her phone’s camera. Then another giggle. I hadn’t noticed I was hard until the second giggle…

I got even more aroused realizing she’d taken a picture of my bulge. And I gotta admit I’d had my fantasies – this scenario though hadn’t crossed my mind. Until now. I shifted my position a little, playing along; my shorts were loose and it allowed my cock to strain against them, the outline clearly visible. I couldn’t help but peek, seeing her staring with a sexy smile on her lips and a gleam in her eyes.

I assume she thought I was passed out drunk, with the bottles and all – and to be honest, it’s happened a time or two before. I was able to see just a little…her legs wobbling slightly before she went down to her knees next to the couch for example. Her nipples poking at her tank top, so eager and firm for another.

When she touched me though..her hand on my hip, shaking me gently in an attempt to see if I was indeed knocked out…my heart fluttered as did my eyes but I was able to maintain. I grunted a little and reached down to “scratch” which only opened my shorts more and permitted my cock to spring out fully right before her.

Her gasp was one of the most erotic sounds I’ve ever heard; it was shock mixed with delight with a dash of curiosity. She softly cooed “Daddy? Daddy?” as she rocked me once again, trying to ensure that even though my libido was at full capacity my faculties were not (or so it would seem). I could feel her trepidation yet also he desires – it was coming off her like waves.

Through a squinted eye I saw her looking, smiling, biting her bottom lip (a move that’s always been a turn on for me). Another snapshot with her phone before she placed it down and I felt the tender caress of her fingers lightly dancing over my length. So tender, so inquisitive. It made my cock jerk in reaction and elicited another sexy gasp from her.

My mind was racing, as was my blood. I wanted desperately to open my eyes more but knew it would scare her away. She was tracing my cock up and down…I could feel her fingertips tapping me, not sure if she should grab me yet. Each time my cock would bounce and flex, she would giggle and smile and touch me again.

I heard a guttural “mmm” come from her when she saw the glistening bridge of precum that’d formed when my head slapped against my stomach. My eyes ached to jerk open, I had to fight back a smile. I don’t think I succeeded fully…

Again I felt her fingers on me…this time wrapped around, enclosing me.  Such a tentative yet eager grip. Another electronic click and an associated giggle. She squeezed me gently and made a thick dose of precum bubble at the head. I could feel her breath against me as she held me and looked at it, watched it condense and slowly travel the curved surface of my head and then drip down with a silent splash onto my flesh.

What I wanted to do was grab her head and push into her mouth…to feed her what she (I now knew) she wanted. What I did was move some more, making my cock more available and sliding it between her digits at the same time.

She let go of me, scared for a moment. But then quickly her hand was on me once more, this time excitedly….going up and down slowly at first but then more quickly, with confidence and desire.  It was time: I couldn’t feign any longer.

I opened one eye to see her kneeling there, biting her bottom lip, her nipples poking at her t-shirt as they swayed from the motions of her hand. Then I peeled open my other eye – she was focused on my cock, her own eyes glued to it as she worked for her hand up and down, now either fearless or careless about the consequences.

I let out a grunt and arched my arm, landing my hand on her head…she froze, holding my now-aching cock in her hand and slowly turning just her eyes my way. I could feel the heat radiating from her – some of its excitement, some of it no doubt right now from embarrassment at being caught. I didn’t say anything – just smiled and blew her a kiss and then put my hand over hers and started it moving again.

That giggle again. Biting her lip again. Going faster, bouncing on her knees a little as her hand traveled north and south on me, my precum flowing at this point, lubricating her motions. The squishy-wet sounds filling the air, mingling with her little “oo’s” “mm’s” and “aa’s” (I was dying for her to say “daddy” but it didn’t happen).

I hadn’t even seen her other hand was buried between her own thighs until just before I tensed and grunted, shooting my cum in a powerful arch as she still plunged her fist up and down. I hadn’t exploded like that in years…it was like I was a teenager again. Her hand milking me, urging every last drop out as she squeezed and giggled, seeing my shirt now covered in heavy ribbons of white (along with her hand).

She stood up and wriggled her fingers goodbye and I watched her ass sway as she sauntered away without a word. Maybe none were needed. Maybe thousands were needed. Did I see her licking her fingers as she turned the hall to her room? Either way, I didn’t stay on the couch long…

Stroke by Stroke by Michael Webb

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