Sugar Free Me

Sugar Free Me

Sugar Free Me – PDF book download, by Dan DeFigio. I want ice cream. I’m only halfway through dinner but I know what my body wants and I want ice cream. I think about the sweet, gooey goodness melting and sliding down my throat and I get excited.

“Al, can we have ice cream after this?”
“Are you sure, though?”

Of course, I’m sure. I’m bloody sure I want ice cream. Whoever cast doubts on their desire for ice cream are not human beings. They have no heart.

But here’s the thing. Ice cream is sugar and sugar is a carbohydrate, and according to the numerous articles by Huffington Post, The Guardian, Cleo, WebMD, Nerdfitness, and all that, too many carbohydrates give you globular thighs, globular bellies, and in my case, globular cheeks.

Do I really need ice cream?

Here’s another thing. Dinner is RM 24.90 (it’s a Nando’s quarter chicken plus two sidelines), and I have spent RM 6.50 on lunch earlier which consisted of rice (carbohydrates) and fish (that’s ok) and vege (that’s great!) and curry chicken with potatoes (carbohydrates). Ice cream would cost me say, RM 8 on average if it’s in a cafe type thing, so maybe I can go with McDonald’s soft serve?

That’s not too bad. A little over my budget but I think I deserve a treat after a long day’s work and a shitty week. Though really, I just had ice cream two days ago when I was out with friends. I guess I shouldn’t have ice cream. Let’s just go home.

“Nah, no ice cream.”
“You say one ah”

Driving home. We can still make a detour. I’m thinking about all the ice cream I can think of. Fat Baby’s Cornflakes ice cream which will go so well on a bed of warm and slightly crispy waffles, drizzled with salted caramel sauce. IDC’s peanut butter and chocolate ice cream that will be the cherry on top of a soft and chewy bed of crepe, folded over a mess of chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry which never fails to disappoint. Screw Inside Scoop, I hate Inside Scoop.

  • “Sigh, I really feel like ice cream though”
  • “Dowan lah. I thought you just had it yesterday?”
  • “It was two days ago”
  • “Still.”
  • “Ya, I know. Ok lah, no ice cream.”

Home. We did it. I did it. I fought carbohydrates and I won. But I feel like shit. I am rummaging the fridge and pantry for a healthy snack. Found out a container of chia seeds and a carton of milk. Fuck no. I’ll rummage some more. Found packets of instant noodles, which really means, no. A can of cream soup which sounds like a great idea, but no. I’ll just have to go to sleep, but before that, I’m thinking of ice cream. I’m thinking I will reward my persistence today with ice cream tomorrow.

Sugar Free Me by Dan DeFigio

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