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How to Annotate a Book

Annotating is an excellent way in which you can get the content of your read story organized and go back to it afterward so as to recall the common themes and plot of the concerned text quickly. Annotating while reading will also help you in developing a deeper and closer understanding of the text, be it a non-fiction… Read More »

How Ebook Can Benefit You

E-books are the books which are published in the digital form that consists of text or images or even both and can be read from many electronic devices. So in a competition of choosing e-book or traditional printed books you need to know the pros as well as cons of e-publishing to know which one will be best… Read More »

Creative Ways to Organize Books

Being a book lover or a bookworm is a great person to be. But sometimes we do find ourselves difficult to find a book or to organize the huge the number of books we own. Well, to sort out this problem, it is necessary for us to organize our books in a very sensible way. Effective ways of… Read More »

Designing Good Ebook Covers

In recent times, eBooks have gained its popularity in a huge increased amount in this rapidly developing world. With popularity comes change. No one likes that same old appearance of a particular thing over the years. This is the reason why a change in the appearance of eBooks should also be brought forward hence resulting in good designing… Read More »

Securing a Copyright for Your Book

Creating something original, like a book and ensuring that your book is yours is an important aspect of your creation. Be it published or unpublished; always try to protect what is yours by securing a copyright. Copyright your book through the law to prove your work on your own but also keep in mind, registration through official means… Read More »

How To Make Your Own Photo eBook

A series of pictures can be a good memory to live with. If there are pictures very much memorable to you, why not invest them into something creative? One of the best ways of preserving memories in a creative way is to make a photo eBook. Make a photo eBook of your own and share it with family… Read More »

How to Get Free PDF eBooks

There was a time when we used to have a lot of clutter consisting of hardbound books in different places in our homes. But things have changed a lot today, and we are gradually and quickly moving toward a paperless world. This would be mainly because of the environmental concerns and the convenience that eBooks offer. Before the… Read More »