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Public Speaking Certification

Basic Public Speaking Certification Course has been created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a celebrated educator and author who is also a famed public speaking expert. Public speaking is a skill and some people are natural while others require practice. This program can help anyone become a proficient public speaker, regardless of the reasons that have been holding… Read More »

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

When it comes to hypnosis, there is an awful lot of misinformation out there. Beyond the staggering opportunity to have the secrets of hypnosis broken down into the simplest possible terms, Hypnosis: Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis also seeks to destroy some of that misinformation. The truth of the matter is that hypnosis can work. It is also true that… Read More »

End Limiting Beliefs

Everyone wants to succeed in life, to become rich, happy. Are there any rules that will help achieve this? Yes. Some of them you will get right now, if you download the course End Limiting Beliefs by Steve G. Jones. By the way, friends, in order to increase the likelihood of success in life, it is very important… Read More »

101 Ways To Hypnotize Someone

Want to learn how to learn how to hypnotize a person and bend him to your will? Then download “101 Ways To Hypnotize Someone” book now and start its detailed study already today. Why waste time in vain, if the top-class expert Steve G. Jones described in the manual its all you need. Hypnosis – is one of… Read More »

Total Money Magnetism

Let’s talk today about how to attract money into your life. And not just about attracting money, but how  money positively affect our lives. So, how to attract money to the family budget? What we get by attracting money into your life? And why someone has a lot of money, and he earns them quite easily, while others… Read More »