Testosterone: A Man’s Guide

A low level of testosterone in middle-aged or elderly men is not a rarity. One of the main reasons is the changes that come with age. At approximately 35-40 years of age, the creation of testosterone in men starts decreasing at 1-2% a year. By 50 there is an androgynous need for testosterone.

If an androgynous need is observed at an earlier age, which means the levels of testosterone are not lowering due to age. Do you want to find out how to push your body to the development of testosterone? Download the book “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide” right now! I strongly recommend Nelson Vergel’s PDF guide to all men. It explains everything very well.

The most common causes of lowered testosterone

Age. After a certain age (40) the body stops developing testosterone at the rate it used to. This is an irreversible process. Following a serious androgynous change, it is important to take hormonal therapy.

Diet. A wrong diet plan that doesn’t have the appropriate vitamins and minerals for a man can become of the primary reasons for low levels of testosterone in men. It is important to provide your body with the necessary tools for building the testosterone molecules. It is important to eat products that increase testosterone and stop eating products that lower it.

Excess weight. One of the most dangerous reasons for lowered testosterone. Why is excess weight dangerous in men? First of all, the production of male hormones is stifled. Secondly, female hormones start being produced. Estrogen in the body of a man harms testosterone production even more. Stop destroying your health! Download Nelson’s guide right now!

Testosterone: A Man’s Guide by Nelson Vergel

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