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By | November 2, 2017

Brad Pilon review authorMany readers of the site pursue some special purpose: someone dreams of losing weight, someone on the contrary, of gaining it. We all know a whole bunch of tricks, diets, various nutrition systems and physical exercises that can help us achieve our goals. By the way, for women who want to lose weight in a natural way, you can not do without the techniques of Thin From Within program. I recommend Brad Pilon’s system to download! We often forget to take into account one important fact that can either help or spoil all plans. This is our metabolism. Metabolism is the metabolism that takes place in our body under the influence of various biochemical processes. Nutrients are continuously supplied to the human body, which are used to maintain energy and vital activity. Even if you sleep or are at rest, you still use the energy that your body, your body, creates. That is, metabolism is a continuous process. This process is conditionally divided into two stages:

  1. Catabolism is the process of decomposition of complex substances and tissues to simpler ones, in order to further use them to maintain the body’s processes.
  2. Anabolism is the process of synthesizing new structures and tissues. So in the period of anabolism there is a restoration of muscle tissue.

Metabolism can be accelerated or delayed and this is affected by a number of factors:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Body weight
  • The amount of adipose tissue
  • Chronic diseases

The metabolic rate and its quality greatly affect the work of the whole organism as a whole, because how well the nutrients in the body are properly absorbed depends on the formation of hormones that affect the functioning of various parts of the organism itself. And of course, our appearance, the amount of fat, the amount of water in the body depends on the rate of metabolism. The level of metabolism affects the amount of calories a person needs to maintain vital functions.

How to learn what is the speed of your metabolism

Often we see a complete person who eats extremely little, and immediately put to him a diagnosis: “You have a slow metabolism.” However, we make hasty conclusions, since we can not judge the rate of metabolism only on this fact. It is possible that the same person actually eats little in your presence. Or suppose he has any chronic diseases that have a negative impact on the processing of fatty deposits.

So, to know the level of your metabolism, or rather, how much energy your body consumes per day, there is some kind of universal formula. The unit of measurement of this energy will be calculated in kilograms.

Male:  (66 + (13,7 * weight) + (5 * height) – (6,8 * age)) * 1,2

Female: (655 + (9,6 * weight) + (1,8 * height) – (4,7 * age))* 1,2

The result is a basic metabolism or a basic metabolic rate. This is the average number of calories a person spends per day, taking into account daily activities, but excluding exercise.

Thus, you will learn how many calories you need to consume per day, so as not to gain excess weight and not hurt yourself. Because, like the lack of nutrients, and their excess negatively affect metabolism and slow it down. What can disrupt metabolism? Low-calorie diet, diet, sedentary lifestyle. If you limit your diet and eat low-calorie foods, then most likely you do not get the amount of nutrients and energy that are needed for your body. It is very important to eat often, but in small portions. Well, you can not do without an active way of life ..

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