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By | September 9, 2015

Toned In Ten book download in PDF format. Feel free to share Erin Nielsen’s guide with your followers on Pinterest. How to look younger than your age is? This question is raised by women all over the world, regardless of education level, income and marital status. The desire to look younger than your age is doesn’t correlate directly with age, and this question appears when you are about 30, without apparent reason sometimes.

We must pay tribute to popular culture and the development of social consciousness: the 30-year anniversary is no longer the limit when a “girl” automatically turns into a “woman” and “goes the distance”. As the age limits of family creation and birth of children are shifted, our ideas about the age when youth gives way to maturity are expanding too. And yet, the number “30” has effect on many women in a magical way, forcing to “freak the freak out”, just to look younger than their age is.

Closer to 40 years the question of “How to look younger than your age is?” takes more than the actual sound, because signs of aging are manifested more clearly, and accumulated fatigue makes itself felt.

Desire to look younger her age is a natural desire of every woman, because confidence in her own attractiveness is an important component of self-esteem. Unfortunately, time does not spare anybody, and it is simply impossible to look 25 years old when you are 50, but to look 10-15 years younger of your actual age is an attainable goal. The book Toned In Ten can help you in this. The author describes in detail all the steps to make you look at least ten years younger. I recommend!

To look younger than you are, you should not try too hard. It sounds, perhaps absurd, but this is a mistake made by many women seeking to “conceal” their age. In the end, from “woman without age” they turn into “old” ladies, what cause ridicules others. Youth clothing, makeup and hairstyle in the style of modern youth movements will not make you visually younger, but only emphasize the age.

Stick to the middle: borrow ideas of makeup and style from teenagers, but combine them with something more classic, timeless, for example, with french style or romantic style.

It may surprise you, but often it is your gaze that bothers you to look younger than you are. The whole life experience – positive and negative – is reflected in your eyes and face in general. Look at your youthful pictures. What do you see? Careless, mischievous gaze with “sparks” that is unclouded by problems.  Of course, it is difficult to see the world through the eyes of a 20-years-old girl at 40 years, but at least try not to frown, smile barely noticeable, as if dreaming about something beautiful. if this young gaze is given to you with difficulty, at first practice in front of the mirror. Over time you will get used to it, and people will not fail to note changes in your appearance..

Second,  what you need to work on, if you want to look younger, is the condition of your skin. It is better to start to care for your skin in adolescence, but if you took your physical appearance and your skin for granted, it’s never too early to start. First, we need to find cosmetics products for basic skin care, the most suitable for you. Sometimes even the basic cleansing and moisturizing is enough to significantly improve the appearance.

Find anti-aging care, do not seek to buy up half of what is in the store: more is not better and too much care can be even not less harmful to the skin than its complete absence. Even if you have no wrinkles and other visible signs of skin aging, you should start care now, because the problem is always easier to prevent than to reverse the effects. Remember that the formation of wrinkles is not a fulminant process, so you are ahead of the curve.

For women who want to look younger than their years are, regular gentle peels is cosmetic must have. The process of renewal of skin cells is permanent, but after 30 years exfoliation of old cells slows. Imagine the furniture covered with dust – your facial skin looks the same ashen and faded under a layer of unpeeled cells. Regular use of mild peels and scrubs helps to intensify the process of skin renewal and improve the flow of oxygen to the tissues.

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