14 Day Perfect Booty Program

Beautiful and tightened buttocks always attracted and excited men, and it’s not surprising. Ass should look appetizing, but not from the point of view of the cannibal, who is consuming lots of fat food at the same time. But achieving the elastic and nice looking forms is not so easy.

Any fat deposits just love women’s legs and ass and rush there with relentless persistence. It’s not an easy task to kick them out of there, but it’s even more difficult to achieve significant results in a short period of time. What do you need to do to feel satisfied while you look at yourself in the mirror already within 7 days?

First, let’s clarify one important point: the notions “tighten the ass” and “lose weight in the ass area” are very different in their meaning. Tighten – means to make more elastic muscles with special exercises. During those exercises, of course, we will burn calories: but not specifically from the buttocks, – rather generally in the body. It’s almost impossible to lose weight in one part of the body, but you can just drop the “fat” in general.

Attempts to remove fat from your belly with the help of exercises for your stomach abs are useless, as well as various squats won’t help you get more fat on your ass. Nevertheless, a good tone of your buttocks is also very important, as even slim ass without tone does not look very appealing. In addition, making buttocks exercises will anyway help you lose some amount of grams, and therefore for sure get slimmer in this particular part of your body. To get rid of the fat fast, there’s so-called “drying” of the body.

This is a harsh and rigid set of diet and exercise that will quickly throw off a lot of fluid from the body. All models before shooting and bodybuilders-athletes before competitions are held on a drying cycle for a week, in order to be at his peak of their forms for the cover or scene. But in order to sustain the “drying”, you need to be a sports person, able to endure serious physical activity, have an iron will and character.

Those ones, who have those qualities, never have problems with their weight. So, definitely, you have to start from exercise. By the way, the guide by Ali Kerr represents a unique system to achieve a beautiful ass only in two weeks. Don’t forget to download it. People around will be jealous looking at your ass!

Exercise #1

Lay down on your left side on the mat, bent arm in the elbow supports the body, the other -lies quietly on your belt. Make ten ups with the right foot, not forgetting to lower it on time, then flip and repeat the same for the other leg. Do not forget that “raise and lower” does not mean swinging the leg from side to side, as you’d have a paroxysm. You need to do it gradually and slowly, allowing the muscle to feel the strain.

Exercise #2

It’s time to lie down on your back. Hands on the sides – they will help you keep the balance. Pull the toes like a ballerina and raise the legs up. Ten times like this. Stay in the same position and get to the other exercise.

Exercise #3

A small break, and then bend your knees. Slowly lift up the ass, arching with all your inherent grace. And like this ten times, after which take a rest.

Exercise #4

It’s time for the squats. Twenty of them will be enough, just remember, that your back has to be straight and hands stretched out in front of you.

14 Day Perfect Booty Program by Alli Kerr

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