1. What does Donnajeanbooks.com do?

Donnajeanbooks.com is an innovative website created by Donna Jean. The main idea behind the website is to enable you, Dear Visitor, to find high-quality eBooks in such demanded fields as business, investing, e-business, self-help, health, fitness, weight loss, education and other ones.

2. Which format do you offer your books in?

At Donnajeanbooks.com you can find an astonishing variety of books in PDF format. You will be able to download those books legally from the official websites of the authors themselves.

3. How can I download free books from Donnajeanbooks.com?

First of all, you should look through a brief description to understand whether this book is exactly what you are looking for. Afterward, you will be able to click on a link that will take you to the official website of the book you want to download.

If you are not satisfied with the book you downloaded, the author will give you a full refund up to two months after download. As you can see you can get the free PDF download, but only if you are not satisfied with your book. Sorry about that… Please don’t abuse the return policy. Try a little harder to be a little better. ❤

4. I downloaded books with the help of your website, but can’t find them on my PC. Where are they?

If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, the downloaded books in PDF format should be in your “Downloads” folder. In case you do not find them in this location, please go to the Search menu and type the name of the book or document in the search bar. Another way to find your books in PDF format is to re-download them from the official website.