Welcome to the Donnajeanbooks.com website. In our world, new technologies are developed every day, and the majority of the population prefer to read e-books instead of the classic paper books. In 2014, the number of sales of e-books increased by more than 30%. But why are electronic books so popular? Books in PDF and EPUB format have several advantages. Let’s look at some of them:

  • They are compact and portable – You can store hundreds and thousands of books in one small device. Furthermore, e-books are usually smaller and lighter than paper books.
  • Interface personalization – You can always change font type and size and customize any e-book.
  • Additional features – Your device may support text search and hyperlinks.
  • Price of text – A great part of texts in electronic format is cheaper than their printed copies.
  • You can download books from corresponding websites whenever you have an internet connection.
  • Eco-friendly – You don’t have to use paper to read e-books.
  • Safety for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and people who are sensitive to home and paper dust.

Why was Donna Jean Books created?

Donnajeanbooks.com site was created for all of you who love to read books and want to keep up with the times. New books are being published every day, and this website will help you to choose only the best of them to download and digest.

Donna Jean conducts a careful selection from a wide variety of books before publishing it on this website, to save your time and make your life more efficient. When you visit this website, you can always be sure that she selected only the best and new electronic books for you.

Donna Jean and her team of experts are constantly looking for new books in different categories, including such super-popular fields as health & fitness books, self-help books, etc.

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The Donnajeanbooks.com website was created by a book lover, Donna Jean. She will always strive to be sure that her site’s visitors have the opportunity to download the most interesting and new books at any time of the day or night. Her goal is to make you feel her love for YOU through every book presented on this website.

Dear friends, she really cares about your opinion. She wants to make your life much better. It doesn’t matter, what problem is in front of you now. You can always be sure that the Donnajeanbooks.com website will provide you with adequate materials to answer all your questions.

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