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The cause of the dwarfism of an Indian woman, which appeared in the Guinness Book of Records – is serious disease achondroplasia – the most common type of dwarfism during which there is a systemic failure of the skeleton and the shortening of the limbs. The disease is considered incurable. Such people with a height hardly over one meter surely have been seen by each of us – and every time we were wondering – why this happens. Therefore, I decided to tell you about the possible causes of dwarfism.

How did it happen?

The child, who won’t grow till the height of his peers in the future, is born the same as all the others. The first signs of dwarfism are starting to show themselves only later when the kid will celebrate its second or third birthday. Such children are usually growing up to 3-4 cm every year, which is two times less than their healthy peers. You can also notice, that strongly stunted children have poorly developed a muscular system, teeth, their genitals are underdeveloped, and in the presence of pituitary tumor – disturbed vision.

Blame genetic abnormalities

It is still unknown how the genetic balance can be disrupted. Nature fails, and two healthy parents give birth to a dwarf, or as we call them politely – a man of small stature. If both or one parent has similar deviations or their closest relatives do – the risk of having a child born with dwarfism increases. However, even the men and women suffering from dwarfism have a chance to give birth to a perfectly healthy child. That’s the mystery of nature!

There was a hormonal failure

In the utero period, the endocrine system can be disrupted and the pituitary will produce an insufficient amount of growth hormone (somatropin). This leads to the growth retardation of the skeleton and all other internal organs. Other causes of a malfunction of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland are a variety of tumors, brain damages, bacterial and viral infections, autoimmune diseases. In most cases, the cause of dwarfism remains a mystery. By the way, if you suffer from dwarfism, be sure to download the guide by Jason Alessandrini. I am sure that this guide can help you to add at least a few inches in height.

When the dwarf-child grows up, he can start noticing new characteristics of this disease – he will later start to walk, he may have trouble breathing, increased susceptibility to ear diseases, bending of the legs and the spine, early arthritis. Specialists will help alleviate the condition; some problems can be solved surgically. The intellectual development of dwarfs is no different from their peers. Remember that to communicate with very short people should be in accordance with their age, not their height.

Growth hormone deficiency is the most known cause of dwarfism, but not the most common. There are a number of reasons for it to develop. Deficiency in growth hormone is only one of them. Also, the important role belongs to thyroid hormones or insulin. Adequate sleep and a balanced diet are also important for normal growth.

Not always the cause of a short growth is a growth hormone deficiency or other medical problems. There are other, more serious, and not visible at first glance, reasons, and factors. Most importantly, the short height should alert parents, as it’s kind of an alarm to go to the specialist. Modern medicine allows us to identify and eliminate the causes of dwarfism.

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