7 Day Fat Destroyer

Many of us try to keep ourselves in shape: watch weight, sit on diets. And thus there’re always 2-3, sometimes 4-5 kg left which in any way it is not possible to remove! Just a curse of some kind. Why is it so and is it real to lose weight in seven days – Bernice C. Bender tells us all this in her eBook “7 Day Fat Destroyer“. It turns out that to defeat the “curse of the last kilograms”, you just need to adhere to three rules.

Trick with Carbohydrates

In order to get rid of excess weight, you need to eliminate the cause of its appearance. The main reason for the fullness is a violation of the balance of hormones in the body.

Insulin plays a leading role in this. You can even say that insulin ruled over fats, but insulin, in fact, is controlled by carbohydrates. Consequently, the most effective diets are without or low-carbohydrate.

How do they work? While you limit in the diet flour, sweet, fruit, – insulin is not allocated. The fat cell does not absorb fatty acids. As soon as you have eaten carbohydrate food, insulin is released, the function of which is to process the glucose that has entered into the blood (only in this form our body absorbs any carbohydrates), free fatty acids rush into the fat cell. And they are going there in large fatty formations.

Restricting carbohydrates, we control the release of insulin and thereby stimulate active weight loss. This principle is based on all protein-fat diets.

Conclusion: To lose weight in a week, give up the following foods: sugar and everything that contains sugar – potatoes, white ground rice, bread, sweet juices, honey. They primarily contribute to the production of insulin.

You can not eat bread, flour, sweet, potatoes, fruit. But you can in any amount lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products. And always in the morning – two tablespoons of oat bran. Plus, of course, also an important rule – to drink more water.

Sleep Properly

A person is losing weight not at the expense of food, but at the expense of hormones that affect him. So, we talked about insulin, which plays the biggest role in the accumulation of adipose tissue. But, the most important fat-burning hormone is the somatotropic hormone. This is a very strong substance. It is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. After it stays about 50 minutes in the body, it disintegrates in the liver.

In this short time, it is able to burn 150 grams of fat tissue! But physiologically this hormone is produced during sleep. In its deep phase, approximately, from 11 till 12 PM. Sometimes even until 1 AM. Therefore, to effectively lose weight, at this time a person must necessarily sleep. And if you do not sleep, then the growth hormone you do not develop, and you can not lose weight.

A person is really losing weight if (s)he gets enough sleep. And it’s easy to check by standing on the scales at bedtime and in the morning. If you at the same time did not eat anything at night, then you will be surprised: 200-300 grams of your weight somewhere “have disappeared”! Part, of course, is water, which evaporated along with the breath. But, basically, this is the result of the action of a growth hormone.

Conclusion: Try to fall asleep until 11 pm. And be sure to get enough sleep! Then you will be able to lose a few kgs only due to a properly spent night.

Dissolve Fat

When a person has already lost a significant number of kilograms, the fat cell seems to be squandering. The membrane thickens and because of this, it’s more difficult for fatty acids to leave. It is necessary to survive this plateau – a period when the weight rises. The plateau can last for up to a month.

If the last kilograms do not go away, any physical effect on problem areas, fat deposits can help as stimulation. This can be a vacuum massage, lymph drainage massage, that is all that helps squeeze out fatty acids from the fat cell. However, it is necessary to use physically loads that help burn these fats. For this purpose, aerobic loads are excellent, for example, walking outdoors. If the fats are not consumed, they will again rush into the fat cells.

Conclusion: if you continue to sit on a diet, and the weight does not go away – do not despair. Various types of massage and active walks in the fresh air will help. I wish you to bring your figure in order as soon as possible, dear readers.

7 Day Fat Destroyer by Bernice Bender

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