The Achievable Body

In this post, I will give you some tips to help you achieve the cherished harmony.

Do not apply radical means

That is, do not believe in weekly diet plans: do not test any inventions such as all kinds of powders and pills on yourself. Do not practice hunger strikes. Take care of yourself on a daily basis, not only after the holidays. Do the significant changes in your lifestyle and change your eating habits. Understand that each decision will affect the way you look and feel like. Think about the further future, not only about how to get into a dress bought last year. You need to be able to transfer the calories eaten by the table of calories, according to the needs of your body.

You can’t eat fast food and junk food: if you want to be beautiful in this sense too, you’ll spend all your life on a diet. Learn to make your menu wisely. It’s not correct to drink fruit juices for two days, and on the third day – eat a large cheese pizza and a large piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream and then go to sleep. But the introduction of gradual changes to your menu – is a good step.

Watch your weight

Know how much you weigh and monitor this state. Some have a mania to jump on the scales after each training session in order to celebrate that the scales showed less than last time. But remember, that your weight can fluctuate about 2.5 kilograms, but if the weight decreased more – you get slimmer. By the way, if you have a problem with your weight, be sure to download the guide by Mike Whitfield. This manual helped me and will help you too!

Do not solve problems with food

Many women live by the principle: a bad day at work – let me eat a chocolate bar; quarrel with a partner – there is still half a bucket of ice cream left. Just ask yourself the question – is it really that a package of chocolate cookies will make your problem disappear? And remember, that it won’t change anything. If you really want to feel better, think about other ways of deprivation of the problems – go for a walk, watch a comedy – make something that is interesting for you.

Stop eating up

It seems to be obvious, but most of us eat everything that is on the plate, regardless of whether we are still hungry, or not anymore. We are taught to do it since childhood, as according to the rule we can get up from the table only when the plate is empty. When we go to the restaurant, we feel bad to leave a portion for which we paid. And thus we consume too much food. We need to eat slowly and listen to ourselves. When you feel, that you’re full – stop eating, even if there’s still a lot of food left on the plate.

Do not allow temptations

Do not stuff boxes with calorie snacks, just to have them in case if someone comes to visit; do not buy unhealthy things; do not look for a reason to open a bag of chips. Do not stock up for the future, knowing that it is easy to succumb to the temptation. On a cold winter evening, you certainly do not want to run to the store for candy, but if you have it already in the house, you won’t resist it.

Eat breakfast

Slender girls never go out of the house without breakfast, because they know that the first-morning meal is the last, without which you can do. There are lots of known reasons, why it’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy to start the day. And really – it’s exactly breakfast that makes our metabolism start working in the morning.

The Achievable Body By Mike Whitfield

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