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In order for you to be a better lover in bed, you need to read the book “Better In Bed” in detail. Why? Adam Armstrong, the author of this guide, managed to become a real-life Casanova. In this ebook, he shares all of his secrets to becoming a better lover. In order to win over any woman in bed, download the book immediately. Time is running out! Tomorrow your girl might decide to leave you for a more experienced man. Here are just a couple of things you can do to become the best of the best.

Be clean

We are attracted to each other, in part, due to our natural smell. However, there aren’t many women who want to be with a man who has too much of a “natural” smell. It is very important to always have good hygiene, but especially so if you are expecting to later partake in a “battle of the sexes”. Even if there is the tiniest chance you will get laid, take a shower before jumping into bed! If you are clean and fresh there is a higher guarantee you won’t end up there alone.

Talk to her

Communication can often become the most important factor in a good sex life. If you can’t come up with a single, original phrase, simply do the following: ask her what she wants – just don’t forget about breathing heavily, like they do in all of the Mexican soap operas. If her answer sounds similar, then talking about sex can simply take the place of foreplay. Just think, you won’t have to use all of these boring suggestions during the actual sex!

Don’t hurry

Quick sex isn’t beneficial; more often than not, women will appreciate you taking your time. She will be able to find the correct pace and rhythm needed in order for her to experience an orgasm. If you need are worried about finishing too quickly, use a condom that is laced with a special anesthetic that will help you keep the situation under control.

Don’t push her

Every good lover knows that suggesting something new to your partner, and forcing her to do it, are different things. Overstepping boundaries in bed can be something provocative and healthy, but first, you need to know when “no” really does mean “no”. Trying to force her to do something that doesn’t really turn her on can be a very quick turn off.

Study theory

Before starting to experiment with new positions, techniques, or role-play, be sure that you know the basics. For example, don’t lightly assume that you are a professional when it comes to the missionary pose – with every new girl the feelings might be a little different.

Make sure you have enough time

Spontaneity plays an integral role in any harmonious, sexual relationship, but regardless, don’t forget to plan. If you devote more time to each other, forgetting about everything that is happening outside your bedroom doors, the bewildering sex, and unprecedented sex will be worth the extra minutes.

Better In Bed by Adam Armstrong

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