The Big Arm Bible

How to pump a large bicep? In Gabe Tuft’s body building guide, you will find the most effective exercises for pumping biceps. Also in it, you will find a brief description of the anatomy of the arm muscles and all about how to quickly increase their volume. Biceps is the calling card of the athlete. Just a simple T-shirt with a short sleeve is enough to draw the attention of others to excellent physical shape.

That’s why strong arms and big biceps are what many beginners dream about when they come to the gym. The good news is that the muscles of the biceps are included in the work when performing basic exercises in the gym. To swing the biceps with additional exercises is sufficient not more than once a week. However, the correct technique of these exercises is above all.

Unlike most body muscles that require elaboration at different angles, the bicep is located almost flat, thus limiting the amplitude of motion. That is why when performing exercises on the biceps it is extremely important to monitor the correct technique and the presence of a mental connection with the muscles. During the exercise on the biceps, it is important that only he consciously joined in the work, and you do not lift the weight, straining and arching the whole body.

Forearms – the only part of the body that must move while performing exercises on the bicep. Especially watch the position of the elbows – if you will expose them excessively forward, then the back is twisted, and if you dilute them too much, the load on the joints will increase. The elbows must necessarily be fixed at one point during the exercise. When performing exercises, remember that the muscles of the biceps require an emphasis only on the correct ( and slow) technique of execution, and not at all the race for the constant increase in working weight on the rod.

The Big Arm Bible by Gabe Tuft

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