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So, you have gained some kilograms this winter. But it’s not so bad, isn’t it? The problem is that this fast almost certainly went to your waist. And it can be a start point of your health problems.

Fat on your belly can be really dangerous for your health. Various studies are showing that it increases the risk of heart failures, high blood pressure, cancer, and dementia. And not only this. According to studies of the National Science Institute of America, those women with a waist bigger than 87.5 cm are twice likely to die from heart disease than women whose waist is less than 70 cm.

Those experts are also saying that any waist bigger than 80 cm increases predisposition to diabetes. Belly fat is so dangerous because it lays deep in the abdomen and surrounds your organs emitting toxic hormones. These hormones contribute to the thickening of the walls of the heart blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attacks.

The liver is the cleansing center of your body and it also suffers from fat deposits on the stomach. When fat enters your liver, all cleansing processes are getting slower. Furthermore, fat affects muscles really badly, making them less effective. Healthy muscles use the biggest part of incoming sugar, at the same time weak muscle metabolism is slower, which increases risks of diabetes.

If all these things are not enough for you to start making push-ups, lately they discovered new information, which proves that women with a belly are more likely to have ill-defined cancers, namely breast cancer, colon, and uterus, although scientists have not yet determined reasons. Do you want to burn fat in the abdominal area quickly? Download the book Bodyweight Burn right now. Discover one of the most effective methods of waste fat defeating.

Now let’s talk about good things. Women before menopause can get rid of their fat from their bellies much faster than fat from thighs and buttocks. Start today by using Adam Steer’s guide. Some tips, which will help you to decrease fat amounts:

Decrease your calories intake by only 100 calories per day

By reducing your daily intake by just 100 calories per day – it can be one cookie, a soda or a glass f wine – you can lose around 5 and a half kilograms per year without being limited with a diet.

Gain muscles

After strength training fat is still burning for a few hours, which stimulates metabolism by 15%.

Run away from your fat

One of the most effective ways to get rid of fat is to run for 30-60 minutes. Don’t you like it? Try to mix 2-minutes speed sprints with 60-seconds walking, which will burn even more calories.

Eat properly

Your body is not an idiot. It knows when there’s a lack of some nutrients. That’s why even if you eat chips or cakes like crazy, you will still stay hungry. Try to include fruits, vegetables, fish, low-calorie dairy products and cereals in your daily diet.

Move more

Even 10 minutes of movement will benefit you. Recent studies are showing that you can burn by 350 calories more if you walk around the room during phone calls, make feet movements during web surfing and making squats when brushing teeth.

Bodyweight Burn by Adam Steer

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