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Why is fat on our stomach growing? The answer is quite simple – too many calories in our food. A lot of overweight people always blame their round forms on either genes or age. But let’s face the truth, and the truth lies with the excess energy coming from our food, or in other words calories!

Sweets. Let’s not forget that sweets have tons of calories. They go straight to “fat station and let’s acknowledge that sweets only make us hungry and we just want to eat more. How long do you think it takes for a can of coke to digest? Around 30-40 minutes, but a portion of meat and vegetables with the same amount of calories absorbs in about 3 to 5 hours.

Greasy food. The link between consumption and gaining fat is not as simple as it seems. Most types of good fats are healthy and extracting them from our ration only harms our bodies. The problem is always overeating, as nearly all “bad” greasy foods consist of carbs.

Salty food. The salty food is always the one that escapes our radars, but did you know that it was one of the biggest amplifiers of taste? Once we start consuming less salt, it leads to eating less food as the food seems tasteless and let’s face it, we do not want to eat lots of bland food. Another factor why we should lessen the consumption of salt is because it keeps the fluids in the body, which also leads to gaining unnecessary weight.

Idle mode. We should always consider, that if we do not do enough exercise and consume high-calorie foods, we will never get those “perfect” bodies. We can see that at the beginning of the past century the diets usually focused on lessening the calorie intake rather than adding workouts to the diet.

Hormonal problems. Let’s face it, once asked why we can’t lose weight we always blame our genes or hormones. But statistics prove that only a few people truly do have “obesity” genes. Even the violations in our digestion system due to low iodine in the body is relatively rare.

Fat on our stomachs: consequences

The decrease in intellectual capabilities. However, weird this might sound more and more researchers find the direct link between obesity and a decrease in brain capacity. In essence, obesity reduces the mass of the brain and that I turn leads to falling in intellect. Consumption of normal sugar doesn’t help the situation either.

The decrease in the level of testosterone in the body. The more fat the man keeps on his body, the bigger the impact is on transforming the testosterone into estrogen. The results could be chest growth similar to a woman’s type, a decrease in muscles and reduction in the libido.

Chronicle health problems. Excess weight, as well as a big stomach, are essential factors of the low immune system. Internal organs may change places, increase the pressure on bones and joints, the gait changes.

Aggravation of obesity. Even the presence of an average stomach launches a dangerous mechanism of further gaining the weight. The more the man ignores his excess weight, the faster this weight is obtained, leading to more severe risks for health.

All of that is good, but now you’re wondering as to how remove that fat from our stomachs and sides? Look through your nutrition habits. You should start your “war” not with hard workouts and harsh diets but with smooth changes in your diet. Reduce the ratio of foods with a high glycemic index, while adding more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The smoother the change in your diet is easier, it will be to get back to ideal weight and flat stomach. By the way, my acquaintance likes the guide by Jason Klein when he wants to get rid of fat on the stomach. Only in 2 weeks you can get significant results. Therefore, click on the link below to get access to this guide now.

Make monthly goals. The more realistic your goal is, the more motivation you’ll find to achieve it. Plus, stability is more welcome than a one-time effort. Start with simple goals such as “lose 5kilo in a month” or “lose 5cm of waistline in a month”. In half a year; it will become 30 kilos or 30 cm of the waistline. But if you make an unrealistic goal such as “lose 15 kilos in a week, you’ll quickly disregard it and start from the beginning.

Start a simple diet. Don’t forget that the diets for weight loss are more efficient on men rather than women. Following simple diets such as the Mediterranean or paleo diet can help us lose weight in the first weeks without any physical activities. However, be careful of the temptation to get the immediate result and do not switch to harsher diets, since the original weight might come back.

Bodyweight Surge by Jason Klein

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