Boost Your Bust

If you are not happy with the size of your bust, the main thing is not to give up. You have to work hard, but the result will surprise you and your man. Of course, there is a way to solve the problem quickly, once and forever. But we heard about plastic surgery of breast enough, as well as about the complications and problems that artificial bust can cause. Fortunately, surgical breast augmentation is expensive. And not every girl can afford it. It is more reasonable to use other ways.

The best way is described in detail in the book Boost Your Bust. With the help of this guide, I managed to enlarge breasts in one size. To be honest, I didn’t try very hard because of a lack of time. Sure if you do breast enlargement at home using the methodology described in Jenny Bolton’s eBook, you will achieve excellent results. By the way, below are some tips that can also help to increase the bust.

Products for breast enlargement

The main rule of a beautiful breast is no diets! Any weight loss begins with the breast where fat tissue disappears. There are also a number of products that can help you.

  • Milk and milk products, seafood, chicken meat is a valuable source of protein.
  • Hop cones are a natural source of estrogen. You should brew and take them in the form of an infusion for 7 days. It is not recommended to repeat the course more than once a month.
  • Grains and cereals: oats, brown rice, millet, barley. They can be used in the form of cereals and infusions.
  • Products with the content of monounsaturated fats: flax seeds, sesame seeds, avocados, olives, oily fish. These fats are not deposited on your waist and are a source of valuable fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 12, which are required for female beauty.

Visual Breast Increase

This method for “lazy” for many years helps ladies who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. If you don’t know, how to increase bust at home quickly, or just you are not able to improve yourself, choose the right clothes and linens.

Brassiere. Your option is a push-up bra with bulk inserts in the cups. It is able to add one size even to the smallest breast. A special form of underwear lifts the bust and shifts your breasts. One disadvantage of push-up is that you shouldn’t wear it often. Experts recommend reducing wearing this bra up to two times per month. But it seems that once a week to a party or date would be what you need.

T-shirts and sweatshirts. Choose clothes with V-neck or Polo. If the shirt is sewn from stretch fabric, it should sit tight, and the neckline can be quite deep. For clothing made from wool and cotton loose-fitting is permissible.

Blouses. Ruffles and frills are a great opportunity to hide a small bust. Blouses with such décor can easily be combined with a business office suite, with pants and a skirt. The color of your top can be classic white or striped. It is advisable to choose monochrome variants or with minimal color contrast.

Dresses. For a party or cocktail, a dress in the Empire style would be a perfect solution. This variant has a high waist, opens the neck, alluring highlights the décolletage. If you accentuate the bust line with a wide belt, your bust will look just luxurious.

Sweaters. Cozy and soft cashmere sweaters are perfect for walks in the park or a casual meeting with friends. Their loose-fitting unobtrusively fits the figure quite clearly labeling even modest forms. As a result, your breast seems larger. The color of the sweater should be light, pastel.

Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton

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