Critical Bench Program

Before you start training you should remember one simple rule – you need to eat well and properly. This is true for people of any weight, as puny, and rotund people. All of them need good, accurate and balanced nutrition, no less than 4 or 6 times a day. There should be a schedule that allows you to eat.

During intensive training, hunger is a direct enemy of every sportsman. Therefore, it is impossible to starve in any case. You should monitor your condition clearly and closely and satisfy your hunger at the first hint of it. Here you need to follow certain rules, as just to eat something is not right. You need to consume more high-calorie food, so to have positive, as they say, energy balance.

All consumable products should contain nutrients only, such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and antioxidants. By the way, if you are training under Mike Westerdal’s program Critical Bench Program 2.0, you will be able to avoid most of the errors and gain muscle mass quickly. You can download this body building guide via the link at the bottom of the page.

For the exact amount of calorie consumption, you can calculate the required daily calorie intake, but you need to know your metabolic rate, i.e., metabolism. To grow muscle you must consume much more calories than you expend. There are a few simple tricks that can help you to eat more. For example, you should use large dishes, you also need to know exactly how to eat before a workout and after it, what is the best to consume for the night.

Enemies of muscle mass building during workouts

For people who set a goal, there is nothing impossible. It is possible to achieve success in muscle mass building in the gym and at home doing a specific set of exercises. To do it at home, you need to re-equip your room so that it was easy to train and to do exercise and was spacious and free.

Additionally, you should abandon bad habits, since smoking and alcohol will not be able to increase your muscle mass, the body will experience harm from these substances. You should also give your body a break, eliminate all possible stresses. It is restful sleep that will lead to the fact that the body is well-rested, will accumulate strength for further intensive training.

Basic rules for muscle training

The first rule concerns the location of the hands during workouts. If you are using a weight, you should position your hands slightly wider of your shoulders width. So you will get a more powerful load on the muscles.

If the hands are above the shoulders, then the chest muscles will be developing much better. This is the second rule of training.

The third rule concerns the number of approaches in training, it should not be more than three and the number of times for each approach should not exceed thirty. The rest between workouts should not be more than two minutes.

The fourth rule relates to the breath, one should do smooth inhalations and sharp exhalations.

The fifth rule relates to the mode of exercise. You should give one day of rest and recovery to your muscles, so the workout should be alternated with a day of rest.

The sixth rule relates to the exercise program because the body quickly gets used to a certain rhythm and the program and therefore you should change it periodically.

Critical Bench Program by Mike Westerdal

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