Eat, Drink And Shrink

Eutrophy is key to weight loss and health in common. That is why I am so glad to present you this fat loss guide, where you will find more than 130 recipes, the use of which will help you to lose weight. Let me show you an example – onion soup for a weight loss. It is very tasty and at the same time useful dish, promoting metabolism and helping to lose weight. Its recipe is quite simple. I can’t say it is the most delicious that I have ever tried in my life, but I can’t say that it is tasteless either.

It’s ok, good quality soup for an everyday dinner. But the profit from it – kit and kaboodle. The recipe is very cunning, a large amount of onions helps to promote metabolism, and it is the key to a weight loss. So, if you truly desire to lose weight, this onion soup is the right fit for you. Don’t forget that having downloaded Danette May’s manual, you will get tens of unique recipes for a weight loss.

Onion soup ingredients:

  • Onion – 6 pieces
  • White cabbage – 1 piece
  • Carrot – 2 pieces
  • Tomatoes – 5 pieces
  • Herbs – according to your taste
  • Spices – according to your taste
  • Salt – according to your taste

We put all vegetables to a saucepan with cold water; bring it to the boil at medium heat. When it brings to the boil, don’t forget to put salt and pepper and also add a laurel leaf and spices according to your taste so the soup wouldn’t be too flavorless. Be generous with hot spices – the spicier the soup will be, the better your weight loss will be. Enjoy your meal, my friends. In the next few weeks, you can definitely lose a few pounds, following information from this program.

Eat, Drink And Shrink by Danette May

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