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Do you have erection problems? Do not despair. In Bill Crane’s book ED Freedom, you will find everything you need to restore your erection for a very short time. The reasons that men have no erection may be different. This may be a parenting style in the family (this, incidentally, is not a joke).

Puritan environment where involuntary boy’s erection is considered to be “disgusting” and “shameful”, has created thousands of impotent men); and prolonged stress about failure in business; and not the decent behavior of the female partner (who can afford uncomplimentary statement about the men’s quality of the partner) etc.

All these reasons are combined under the heading of “psychological”. But there are plenty of physiological reasons that prevent a man to perform the function intended for him by Nature. The most common ones are:

  • problems of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, thrombosis, impaired blood circulation in the vessels of the penis, etc.)
  • malfunction of the endocrine glands (testicles, thyroid gland, pancreas, pituitary, adrenal glands), which leads to hormonal disorders, excess weight, loss of libido
  • inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (prostatitis, urethritis, etc.)
  • intake of some medicines (antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.), alcohol, drugs

But the age factor is not of such great value they gave to it earlier. It is found that if you preserve and maintain health, the required level of the main male hormone, testosterone, and erectile function are preserved in men until the most advanced years.

So the problem of lack of erection, the doctors say, depends not on age but on a bunch of diseases (typically, somatic, and psychological — in the complex), which man acquires in the course of life if he is permissive to his health.

Therefore, in order to determine what led to the lack or poor quality of erection, you must pass a comprehensive examination, we can say, a medical test for the right to be a male. You should examine the cardiovascular system, to be tested for hormonal status, consult a therapist, cardiologist, and neurologist. And, depending on the results, you should start treatment.

Once the cause and the underlying disease, which “prevents a man to be a male” and affects erection (for example, diabetes mellitus type II; coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic vascular changes, etc.) is identified— the doctor prescribes the complex of therapeutic measures, and simultaneously recommends the use of methods that are aimed directly at correcting the levels of testosterone and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

These methods include, generally, a change in the mode of physical activity, nutrition, adequate intake of micronutrients, vitamins, botanicals, promoting the production of testosterone, etc.

It is noticed that the men engaged in physical labor have higher sexual performance than their peers working in the office. Therefore, if you are forced to “sit on the priest exactly” for 8 hours in a row, it is perfectly normal that after this time you must switch to the “sport” mode: play football with friends, swim in the pool, walk at least a couple of kilometers on foot.

This will allow you to “disperse” stagnated blood in the area of the pelvic organs and will fill the cavernous and spongy body of your penis with blood. So, it will increase the chances of your sexual feats in bed.

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ED Freedom by Bill Crane

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