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Sexual potency is the power, the ability of an organism to sexual reactions. In sexology, the concept of potentiality is applied exclusively to male sexuality. Under “power”, that is, the potency of a man they understand these or those sexual possibilities of a man, whether it is a degree of tension of the penis – a strong erection, speed of emergence of an erection, sexual excesses or possibility to conduct intensive sexual life. In this regard, the concept of potency is similar to the concept of the type of sexual constitution.

However, it is not always possible to equate the potency of a man to the real rhythm of his sexual life because potency and sexual performance are often higher than the frequency of sexual acts, which he has. We know that there is the food that stimulates sexual desire and potency, which also increases the sexual possibility of men, and always favorably affects health if does not turn into an end in itself.

The manifestation of potency depends on the innate strength, men’s health, use of alcohol or drugs, relationship with a loved one. And, basically, potency is the manifestation of overall health. It is clear that in the case of eating improper food and disgusting ecology even a man with good physical inclinations cannot show such potency, as a man living in more favorable conditions. By the way, Alex’s book “The ED Solution Pro” presents a unique method to enhance potency by using absolutely natural means. Be sure to download this guide. Don’t mess with men’s health.

Unfortunately, until now, the majority of men estimate their potency on purely physical indicators –  the size of genitals, frequency or duration of sexual acts, speed of emergence of an erection. This is wrong, potency defined as the ability to satisfy a woman. In other words, the woman estimates the decline of male potency.

Quite often one man lives with two women and one of them is crazy about him, and another considers this man a completely impotent or thinks that he has weak potency. Why is it so? It is obvious, that all depends on the surprising and mysterious feeling of love which spiritualizes any words and acts.

A woman in love, who gives her man affection and attention, can enhance the potency significantly. So to increase potency, a man must meet the same – tenderness and caress. He must please her tender glance or even a word. Understanding and accepting care of the man, the woman will be more pliable, more excitable, and more grateful. The potency of a man is in the hands of a woman.

A woman can be passionate with the weak or inexperienced man, and can be cold with the most knowledgeable and skilled man- everything depends on her mood and her love. She can support or punish, help or harm, impress man self-confidence or a feeling of complete disaster.

Nature has so arranged that a man is more committed to the sexual act, and a woman needs caress. Almost 40% of women get more pleasure from foreplay than from the act, while 6 % would prefer affection only, without intercourse. Therefore, to become irresistible to the beloved woman, a man should not think so much about how to strengthen his potency, but about how gentle he behaves with his woman.

Perhaps this is the most difficult – to look at sex in new ways. But if a man wants to boost potency for all his life, if he always wants to be desired in bed, then he needs to understand that only the monotonous movement is not very stimulating and can’t last a lifetime. Forces become less with age and if you hope for these movements only, the energy may not be enough. And it is much harder to change your life at an older age than at a young age.

An excess weight that a lot of men have, negatively operated and reduces potency also. The fact is that adipose tissue burns hormones, and excess weight gives increased load on the heart, vessels, muscles that reduce potency, complicates proximity and gradually develops reserved attitude to it. So a man who worries about increased potency should monitor his weight if necessary keep to a diet or fasting days. After all, if many diseases arise irrespective of us, obesity is entirely in our power and we can get rid of it!

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