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Albert Einstein was not only a recognized scientific genius who made a real revolution in physics but also a very wise man, who left us many accurate observations and notes about life. After downloading and reading Kevin Rogers’ e-book Einstein Success Code, you will discover a unique methodology for achieving success, based on the knowledge of one of the most famous scientists in the world. For now, there are seven quotes from Einstein. Try to think about their meaning, dear readers of my blog.

Follow your curiosity

Of course, Albert Einstein here is a little overmodest in assessing his talents. But he did this only to once again emphasize the role of curiosity in our lives. Without a constant craving for everything new, without striving for knowledge of the unknown, any person, even possessing a powerful mind and a large amount of knowledge turns into a boring archive of information. On the other hand, there are enough examples in history when researchers losing competitors in education or accessible equipment made brilliant discoveries only because of their all-absorbing curiosity.

Perseverance is priceless

Einstein is by no means the first outstanding scientist who emphasizes the decisive role of perseverance and perseverance in achieving results. It is the ability to go to the end – not to turn off the planned path despite dozens of failures and failures – is a common feature of those people whose portraits look at us from the pages of textbooks and encyclopedias. This is what distinguishes them from hundreds of other scientists, writers, athletes, travelers who turned off in the middle of the road and did not reach the goal.

Make mistakes

This statement does not mean at all that the more you make mistakes, the more successful you will become. Einstein just tells us that you do not need to be afraid of mistakes and treat them like a disaster of your life. Any research involves at some stage the receipt of incorrect results. Any action can be difficult. Any way implies the presence of forks. We do not always choose the right solutions, but this is not a reason to turn back.

Create values

Most people perceive the word “success” through the prism of official status and material well-being. This is partly true because often money is a measure of our efforts. But what about those artists, scientists, writers, businessmen, whose genius is not in anyone’s doubts, but which have remained poor, like church mice? Einstein offers us another measurement system in which the main criterion of success is the value that a person represents to others.

Knowledge comes from experience

Each of us has met people in our lives who are absolute authorities in their field. To their word they always listen, they want to imitate, for their presence in their state the best companies compete. What distinguishes them from hundreds of others, often much more educated and vibrant people?

The answer is one – experience. It is an experience that turns yesterday’s graduate into a professional. One can be a fully educated, brilliantly erudite theoretician, but at the same time completely helpless and useless for a real person, if your knowledge is not backed up by years of practice.

Know the rules, it helps to win

It’s ridiculous to hear from a man, a scientist, who with his discoveries has destroyed all possible rules and scientific axioms. Nevertheless, these words make a lot of sense. We all obey certain rules, whether we like it or not. You can try to deny it, you can try not to notice them, but to no good, but a waste of energy, it will not.

Existing rules need to be respected, they need to be carefully studied and used for good. And only the one who became a master of the rules will be able to violate and disprove them over time. It’s ridiculous to assume that Einstein began to create his revolutionary scientific theories without first studying all the physical axioms that existed at that time.

Imagination decides everything

When it comes to the imagination, it seems to many that this quality is necessary only for children, and adult serious people have absolutely nothing to do with imagination. The deepest delusion. Imagination is necessary for any human activity: training, work, creativity, sport require from you not only knowledge and experience but also the ability to imagine the consequences of their actions and the desired result.

The writer creates in his imagination the plot of the work, the composer – the musical drawing of the future hit, the designer comes up with new knots and devices. And the better a person has developed imagination, the higher he can rise above the surrounding reality, the more boldly his attempts and the brighter horizons of achievements.

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