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Perhaps you have already made three steps. First one – you understood that you feel bad. Second – you understood that this state destroys you. And the last one you realized that only you feel so bad, but not your ex-boyfriend, because in this case, he would have been with you already. If he feels just like you, he would be with you. It was only too possible that he had your skin crucified on the wall of his fireplace like a hunter admiring one more prey.

This prey is you. In this case, you have to take your skin from his wall at his fireplace and let him know that it was he who just lost the game. You have to show that you are not easy picking, but a person enjoying life. By the way, there is a cool training The Ex Back Experts Program, by Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez. This guide will help you to return a person you love just in a few weeks!

Imagine now that your skin disappeared from his wall. He will be very surprised, will not he? He will be interested in why. He alone?  Who was dare to replace him? It can not be! And who? A person who idolized him, who was looking with puppy eyes at him and getting his attention and love? It will shock him so he will make sure whether it is true or not. How to surprise him? It is too easy.

Do not make the first step for two weeks. Please remember — no moves for 2 weeks from your side! If you don’t get anything from him during 2 weeks, you can send him SMS or email and write about your favorite concert, party, about great walk in the park, that he loves, wine tasting, that he also tasted with you, about the animals you love together. Write to him about common things. But not private SMS.

For example: Hello? How is your mood? I am doing great. Today I met Edgar and we went to a disco, it was fun, it’s a pity you were not with us. Going with him to the beach (to the cinema, concert, party outside the city) tomorrow, it is sad you will not be with us.

Take care, kisses. If you meet his friends tell them that you are fine, going on dates, just for hanging out, that your life goes on, a little bit sad, that you don’t see him, but it is okay and send him greetings. If he still doesn’t answer you — after 2-3 weeks do the same. Good luck!

Ex Back Experts by Samantha Sanderson & Dean Cortez

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