EZ Battery Reconditioning

We can miss some great moments in a forest or at the seaside, be late or even stumble in the darkness, because of a drained battery of our camera, watch or flashlight. It’s almost impossible to predict the moment when the battery charge will be over unless you have Duracell batteries with indicators. But don’t despair!

Thanks to several great tips you will easily avoid unpredictable situations and make those long-planned photos with your digital camera, check the current time, light up a path in front of you and do many other things. In this article, we are going to tell you how to charge batteries without a charging device at home, which will definitely facilitate your life in difficult situations.

Please note that you can use a special charging device to charge your alkaline batteries, which can restore the working condition of your gadget pretty fast. But each charging procedure will decrease the overall working time of the battery by around one third. In addition, such a charging device can cause battery leakage. Important notice! You can only charge AA alkaline batteries in the conditions of your home. It’s strictly prohibited to charge molten salt batteries, because such charging may cause leakage or even an explosion!

Charging can be done using different methods, thus don’t throw your batteries away when their charge is over. Just follow several recommendations and your battery will be good as new. The first method allows you to charge AA batteries without using a charging device. Just connect a power supply to a socket and use its wires to connect a discharged battery.

Don’t forget about the polarity, i.e. plus wire is connected to the plus pole and the negative one – to the minus pole. It’s pretty easy to find “-\+” of a discharged object because they are usually marked on its case. By the way, don’t forget to download the guide by Tom Ericson. It contains a unique battery charging technique, which can be used to restore any battery at home. That technique is really interesting because it allows people to restore the charge of any battery.

After connecting the battery to the power supply you have to wait until it heats up to 50 degrees and disconnect it from the power supply. Then you need to wait for a couple of minutes until its temperature decreases. Otherwise, you can make an explosion. Then you have to use another technique to charge the AA battery before its temperature becomes normal.

You need to connect the power supply to the socket and disconnect it. Repeat it for around 120 seconds. Then put the charging object into a freezer for 10 minutes. Take it out and wait 2-3 minutes until the temperature becomes normal. That’s it! You have restored the battery at home without even using a charging device! Now you can use it even for a computer mouse.

General rules:

  • Charging won’t start if you mix + and – wires up. It will only cause additional discharge.
  • One can charge an object at home only 1 or 2 times.
  • The described methodic can be used only for simple AAQ alkaline batteries.
  • Charging can be done at any temperature conditions of the environment.

Another charging technique is simple heating. But it may cause serious consequences (an explosion). This technique can also be used to restore only small alkaline batteries in the conditions of your home. One can use another simple way to charge this type of battery. Just put discharged batteries into hot water, but don’t wait for more than 20 seconds, otherwise, you may face some serious events. Another pretty obvious way is to squeeze or decrease the size of the battery with your hands.

This way can be used to charge AA or AAA batteries. One person took a totally discharged Li-ion accumulator, stomped it and it was showing the 100% charge level. Anyway, the topic of batteries charging at home is very interesting. That’s why you need to download Tom’s practical course. You will discover many new things and will save a lot of money on batteries.

EZ Battery Reconditioning by Tom Ericson

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