Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals

Sooner or later everyone will start to think about their diet: problems with weight, skin, health problems, in general, make us open our fridge and inspect its contents skeptically. We ask ourselves “what to exclude from the diet?” and ” how to start eating right?”, we are looking for the way to a healthy and beautiful body.

Meanwhile, healthy and correct dieting is not a strict exhausting diet, not a mockery of the body and deprivation of pleasures it’s just a set of rules under which you can radically change yourself, find new useful habits, beautiful figure and significantly prolong your life.

We are what we eat

It’s no secret that obesity has become a huge problem of modern people as we move less, consume large amounts of fatty foods, high-calorie sauces, and sweets. Throughout, we can see endless temptations and manufacturers compete to offer the next super product against which any consumer cannot withstand. The result of this race can be observed on the streets of any city.

According to statistics, almost every second inhabitant of a developed country is overweight. Unfortunately, obesity leads to problems connected not only with aesthetics and self-esteem but also to serious consequences for the body: the risk of many diseases is directly proportional to the amount of excess weight.

Diabetes, heart problems, gastrointestinal tract, problems with the reproductive function it is only a small part of possible diseases arising from non-compliance with diet.

The good news is that in recent years it has started to become fashionable to concern about the state of your body: more and more calls to do sports are heard from the side of government and NGOs, organic and diet products have been appearing on the shop shelves, diet advice are becoming spread in the press.

By the way, in Diana Keuilian’s book “Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals” you will find more than 100 recipes of healthy food for the family. I recommend this guide to all mothers!

Healthy eating basic principles or how to eat right

When drawing up the menu of healthy eating you should remember a few general rules. First, you need to eat often and in small portions. It would be more convenient for you to have a small plate with the portion size of a handful. Do not be afraid of hunger!

Healthy food involves 5-6 meals per day. It is also good to accustom yourself to eat at the same time – it stabilizes the stomach work and contributes to weight loss.

The second important rule is to be mindful of the calories. No need to calculate them carefully lifelong after every meal, it would be quite enough to monitor your nutrition during a week or two and you’ll get used to calculate the calorie content of food automatically. Every person has its own calorie norm, you can find it, for example, using a special calculator.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals by Diana Keuilian

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