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One of my friends is constantly and unsuccessfully trying to lose excessive kilograms after the birth of her daughter four months ago. She doesn’t eat anything after 6 PM, she avoids almost all sweets and candies and she also started to go to a dancing studio, but her weight is simply not changing.

Her height is 165cm and now her weight reached 74 kg, even though she never had more than 60 kg before the birth of her daughter. I saw that my friend is in a deep depression, so I decided to help her. Below I provide you with several tips, which can help those who want to lose excessive kilograms after childbirth.

Be patient

Weight losing can’t and shouldn’t be fast after childbirth. Pregnancy is a great stress for the body, which is caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals, changes in hormonal environment and reduced physical activity. The recovery period can take from six months up to a year. By the way, in case if you want to lose more kilograms faster, please take a lot at the book “Flab Blaster”. Reed Connor’s weight loss guide helped my friend to obtain a slim and attractive body in just two months!!

Keep a balanced diet during breastfeeding period and immediately after it

You need to eat properly during the breastfeeding period. In case if you don’t, you can deprive so important vitamins of your baby and even provoke the appearance of toxic elements in your milk. Daily breastfeeding requires a lot of energy – about 500 kcal per day.

The normal amount of calories for women in such a period is 2000 kcal. The diet of a breastfeeding woman has to be partial, i.e. she has to eat 4-5 times per day. And you have to eat properly too! Your diet has to include complete proteins (low-fat meat and fish), products rich in calcium (e.g., low-fat 10-17% cheese), fruits and vegetables.

You have to avoid fatty meat broths and various soups, because they are rich in some extra active elements, which require a lot of time to be digested, thus making the recovery process of your body more slow and difficult. After finishing the breastfeeding period you need to limit your diet with 1600-1800 kcal per day. Eat small portions every 2-3 hours, because such an approach will allow you to avoid overeating.

Make consultations with professional doctors

You have to visit specialists for one year after childbirth. If you can’t lose weight during a long period, go and visit your endocrinologist and nutritionist. Probably, your endocrine system or metabolism processes are changed after the childbirth. Furthermore, you must see a doctor if you don’t have menstruation and ovulation in 2-3 months after the childbirth.

Forget about Hollywood stars

Such celebrities are using a bunch of nannies and nutritionists. It’s a part of their profession – to keep their bodies fit and attractive. If you are not a photo model, TV-host or a famous singer, you are not obligated to restore your fit body as soon as possible. Even in case if you are a model, you are still not obligated, because there’s nothing more important than your health!

Don’t try to fight with your depression with food

The main enemy of any weight reducing system after pregnancy is postpartum depression. Usually, it causes nervous breakdowns and overeating. Basic symptoms of postpartum depression are tears without any reason, petulance, headaches, fatigue, and sleep disorders.

The hormonal level (estrogen and progesterone) of the female body increases. These hormones are responsible for proper and safe pregnancy developing. Their level falls down immediately after childbirth, while another hormone (prolactin) starts to be produced.

Thus, the body faces immediate and fast reconstruction, which causes such breakdowns and mood changes. You need to deal with them not by eating something, but by doing sport or something else. Your relatives’ support is vital too. If you are facing heavy forms of depression, it’s recommended to visit your doctor to get professional help.

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