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How to turn fat into a muscle for a girl? People who have excess body fat, and at the same time very poorly developed muscles, need to understand that the only way to fix the situation is to start an active workout. I recommend classes from Allison Green. This is a very effective system, which is guaranteed to bring a good result in the shortest possible time. Fat has only one unique feature – energy.

The reserves of this energy source are accumulated in special fat cells. These cells have their own structure, they carry out certain functions and forms adipose tissue. That is to say that adipose tissue is another internal organ. It happens that this same energy is actively used by our muscles when we do monotonous and calm work (slow walking, running, etc.), without it, there can be no question of their full operation.

Nature has only two physiological states: a set of body fat and weight, or a loss. So those people who are trying at the same time to get rid of fat and gain muscle mass, it is better to leave these futile attempts, which just won’t end up with something. Of course, there are physiological exceptions, but they are extremely rare. Those who have extra fat reserves and weak muscles understand that the situation can be corrected only by means of physical activity.

At the same time people tend to want everything at once – and get rid of excess fat and increase muscle mass. Basically, it’s achievable goals, but don’t think that it is possible to do both of these processes at the same time – to turn fat into muscle. Just start to train with Allison’s fitness guide and after a while, you will see how your figure will change with the right approach to weight loss and muscle gain.

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